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lzm's rejuvenate treatment Lzm’s economic successwas to sales now! Lzm’s latest explore-technique for submarine of deep-sea & stealth aircraft to sell!



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About the SARS-crisis in China and HK how to lead to the invention of the “wash-lung” treatment?

Complain to Chinese and Western!   Why did China conceal a medical invent for lifesaving?

  Free health or pathological diagnosis consulting service.


Our company’s design of mechanical, electrical products and scientific research service will start in ASEAN (producing)

Lzm’s success of economic that could be  provide a worthy consultant-report for any one government about the monetary policy…starting now!

The war acts in

HK Sanitation Dept.

Why the Wash-Lung & Refrigerate two treatment still not open  for citizen of HK? 


 ---The most uncivilized a paragraph of history case it will biography in here---

Uncontrolled Document When Printed

黃禍論」為何再起? 張果老預言應世突顯!

Why the "yellow peril theory" can to resurgence? And Zhang Guolao’s prophecy to stand out in the world!

    劉伯溫準確預言了武漢疫情 造假

  Liu Bowen accurately predicted WuHan epidemic to fraud

   Yellow Peril 俗稱「黃禍論」可見等大事的發生,以及

       From Yellow Peril, commonly known as the ``yellow peril theory'', we can see that such major events have happened, and as well as


   It still from Liu Bowen’s prophecy the "Song of Biscuits" also can to seen:

  張果老預言千年後的世界 人間將來鬼勢滔天人將學鬼

   Zhang Guolao’s prophecy that in the world on a thousand years after, the man's world will be billowing by a wicked game, and people will learn from a specter.


    In the windTherefore, everything in the world is all vile and sinister in nature.  The official not to care of the public, only knew the bribe.  Bribery can be done publicly, and bribery doesn't need on off-stage, it as to snatch a square meal too.  So for ordinary people, the filial piety can be abolished and lewdness can be promoted.  And only can to ask the benefit for oneself, so don't ask about honesty and honor    And as if an unwitting sprite may be to play tricks against at will, and absolutely ignore human quandary.  This kind the heart-intestines of ghost, ghost’s wisdom and stratagem, necessarily one by one to spread successors in the future.  As a result is person or a ghost not to difference, but the big universe it really to become a ghost world, but this things it will in the future.

    張果老 因此只願 反坐驢向後看警喻世人...

   Therefore, the Zhang Guolao only to be willing counter to sit donkey to look back warn world ...

     推背圖56   讖曰  日月麗天 群陰懾服百靈來朝 雙羽四足

   AsPush dorsum photoof fifty shape the omenThen sun and moon to shine sky, group civil service to submit.  So many power come to pilgrimage, as two plumes or four foot!

    颂曰而今中國有聖人, 雖非豪傑也周成。四夷重譯稱天子,否極泰來九國春。

       Praise saying is:   Now has a sage in China, although not a influential hero too perfectAround country retranslate to call the Son of Heaven, out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss to spring scenery at worldwide.


    And in the <<the Bible. Apocalypse Record >> too have aboutsage bornwith follow-up of incident to describeThen the sage at once to show the deity merit at the sky, all life will be to big justiceand according the acts of deity merit to trial to final orientation, not likely again have any a chance to supplementFurthermore the nature will be full to renew, namely the calamity will enter the coda.

   也即古有中國4大發明, 但今有航空安全三措施, 洗肺对癌症唯一有效冷凍兩 大醫療法, 飽和鹽水家用保健法及肺部氣流防疫法人人必用 lzm 5大發明且將千年不變已爆天空的神跡所有的生命將在隨後「大審判」就可否極泰來九國春令全球的“大災難將進入尾聲!

   It also is ancient China had four big invention, but today still have"three measures of aviation security",  wash-lung” with unusual effective for cancer patients the “freezing” two big treatment,  especially the "saturated saline" and “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" everyone must to use and will chiliad years constant those lzm’s five big invention already to explode the deity merit in sky”, so all the life will tobig judgejust can out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss to spring scenery at worldwide.” to order in global “the calamity will enter the coda. ”!  


Thebig justiceby Bible Prediction already to affirm on 2019year the witness still clearly at here!

    當本 PCT/SG03/00145 洗肺冷凍兩醫療法發明的提前公佈並在月餘間就令 2003 年北京、香港、台灣、加拿大及新加坡的 SARS 危機才會成為過去, 但加拿大同樣偷用如港府更配合中國政府拒絕審查的lzm專利申請

    另可見已在20184月前就傳遍近加拿大附近的美國各大學,以及如, , 加拿大熟透的國家均被lzm去信追債由航空安全三措施發明伸延而出海關eGate的專利權外更令西方各國時 疫苗毫无科学根据的事实一清二楚, 以及更介了 飽和鹽水家用保健法 才可免医高夀120歲!加拿大或因此延遲公佈eGate的成功應用, lzm2019年才去信追eGate 債!

      因此如右可見的加拿大三級政府均向華人正式道歉, 也提及已在2017年4月5日如 廢除了歧視華人的法規就由此而來也尚有點良知

      Then at PCT/SG03/00145 lzm’s the invention of “wash-lung” with“freezing” two treatments to ahead of time to proclaim only a month after, the SARS crisis of 2003year at Beijing, HK, TaiWan, Canada & Singapore only can to end, but the Canada same as HK Gov. to steal use and harmony with CP-China to refuse examine lzm’s patent application! 

     On the side from  visible that lzm’s four big invention already been spread to vicinity Canada every USA Uni. before on April of 2018, and as ,, or  those very familiar country of Canada without except to dun by three measures of aviation security invention to jut out the patent right of Customs’s eGate, and still clear to inform the vaccine have not any science basis for west each country, as well as generally to introduce if use the "saturated saline hygiene" in family that just can to exempt ill and live to be 120ages!  Yes or no the Ca Gov., hence to delay notifies the eGate to success put in use?  So lzm only can delay to dun as on 2019year!

    So as the right photo  visible those three grade Gov., of Ca even to formal apologize for Chinese, also have mentioned already to abolish the rule of law of prejudice Chinese on April 5, 2017 that just by above origin come to, also still have some the conscience!

   也特別始於如上lzm四大發明於October 18 2018傳遍英國各大學後,聖經的描述顯現於天空的神跡”《所有的生命將在隨後的大審判」》!

   Also especially begin at , then above lzm’s four big inventions already to spread all UK Uni. after on October 18 2018, as <<the Bible. Apocalypse Record >> to describethen the “sage havedeity merit” to show the sky after, all life will bebig justiceto follow!   

    也因此從及右圖可見,70萬倫敦人在2019210日即中 春15日的舞龍弄獅慶祝華人春節令倫敦突變為中國城感謝 人人必用千年不變lzm的的四大發明,也即如所有的生命將在隨後的大審判」》已此定調, 如圖中: 中英黃金時代已來臨!

  Hence also, from  or right picture visible, there is 700,000 Londoner to Dragon and Lion Dance for celebrate Spring Festival of Chinese on Feb., 10, 2019, and let London mutation a China city to thanks everybody must to use and millennium constant above lzm’s four big invention, also now by all life will bebig justiceto orientation already, so as in picture visible

The prime time of China-English already to came!

    The same as Fr., Ge., Sw., Li, Sp., Po., Aus,, Gr., Be., Da., Nor,, Fin., Ice., Iri., Bra., Ar., Pt., Cz.,Bg., Ro., Est., Lva., Cy., Lva., Pl., Tr., Ru.,

  即所有歐州各國大學也均傳遍, 不少歐州人公開聲稱為中國人同慶2019中國春節也見有報!

   Namely all Uni. of EU various state are spread all over, so many people of EU the same to celebrate Spring Festival of Chinese and open to profess also for a Chinese on 2019 it can to see on news too

   Besides as in AsiaJp., Au.,Ca., Nz., My., Thai., India, Qa., Sa.,Aman,Kuwai, Bahrain, Indonesia, Ph., Korean, Col., Uy., Gha., ... 


   Namely as same of Uni. in Asia various state the same tobig justicelzm’s deity merit” already in sky after to pitch as above right picture visible to Dragon and Lion Dance in phase to celebrate Spring Festival of Chinese!  

Jiang ZeMin was continue to steer court of HK for destroy international promised of “one country two system”  

 The proof are below:

1. FAMV 1 /2002;

2. FAMV 16/2004;

3. FAMV 10/2006;

4. FAMV 19/2006;

5. LDBM-220-2005;

6. CACV-332-2006

Jiang ZeMins favorite have a habit of using promotion as a bait for the judge to illegal-judge a huge sum action-fees to pillage lzm’s money!


1. A prank in the Lands  Tribunal

2. Court's war criminal in HK

3.The war criminal in Gov., of  HK

4.Crucify lzm’s bankruptcy case

TSANG Y-K's HKGov. order many department to be aimed at Lin Zhen Man by terroristic means, the facts below;

1. Use radiate of air waves to murder lzm, the police station did not to deal with!

Police MainPage

2. The police station same terrorist to support lzm’s a tenant not to pay the rental and catch lzm!

3. Gov. departments was to falsify document and suborn all land agent did not rent out lzm’s house!

4. Suborn by Jzm’s mandarin, the sad and shameless of Land-Registrar of HK in here “skill & extraordinary”…

Lawless disturbance for lzm by

HK Gov., department...

 Humiliating in annals now!

1. Pranks in Communications of

   HK Gov.,

2. Robbers in Intellectual

    Property Dept.,  of HK...

3. Unexpected take apart order

   for lzm’s house by Buildings


4.The apart order simultaneously to endanger neighbor property!

5. Ird & Bochks face lose for

HKMA too at risk

Anatomize of Jiang ZeMin’s politics of dominion (producing

Our company’s sad histories at Chinese invest! 

1. HengChang Ltd. to prosecute

 Jiang Zemin on 2007year!

2.Administer of Heng Chang Ltd to resist an official’s extort become a ruination on 1996year.

3.The sinister means by Shan Tou Jao Customs of ShenZhen City!  

4.Company of ShenZhen Gov., to hands-on loot begin 1998year!

5.Judge of DongGuan City Gov., to arrange loot begin 1999year!

6.Police, Procuratorate & Court of ShenZhen City unexpectedly to variety an rob accomplice?!
7.Jiang Zemin not thanks Lzm’s medicine invention to save SARS a national calamity in China, and why could be order to murder inventor?!


   Above the History-Pitch it has to valor advance behind by Britain Queen with Prince Philip inevitable

   特别如本主頁底部175個國家駐北京、台灣大使及在港領事館 均早已全肺部氣流防疫法何而來

   It unusual as this main page the bottom layer those total 175 embassies of countries in Beijing, Taiwan or consulate in HK even already early to known “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" from where to come!

    但為何兩年後的今, 還會讓造假“確診”所謂的武漢肺炎禍害全球?!連拜登在當選後 可敬的英女皇也要被逼首次戴口罩出場如此悲哀的妥協才會導致 活活氣死了有男子氣概菲臘親王!?

    ABut two years after now, why above the country power still can to operate by fake nucleic acid diagnosis” so-called COVID-19 plague by HK’s medical fraud to disaster global?!  As then Joe Biden to be elected after of worthy Britain Queen also must to be forced for the first time to wear a mask to come on the stage, so by this sorrowful compromise only can to lead manly Prince Philip to angry to death?!

問題的關是主導全球各國政界的美國早在911後就陷入了無冠中國 王朝的行賄陷阱!

But the key of problem is to leading global Gov., circles of USA already on 911 after to sink into CP-China of nil crown dynasty a bribe trap!

    起因就在lzm航空安全三措施發明協助布殊總統戰勝了911災難後,歷史更永遠不會忘記,布殊錯誤地接受前中國主席江澤民的交換條件,即默許同意美國向臺灣出售武器以交換馬上重大行賄殊的弟弟尼爾布希江澤民長子江錦恒20041127公佈恐嚇也從 www.ycec.sg/UN/150117.htm 可見,布殊因此缺德違背Lzm的承諾!

     期後如又把奧巴馬的弟弟養在中國深圳收錢同樣恐嚇不得批予包括PCT/SG03/00145洗肺及對癌症唯有特效的冷凍兩大醫學專利 www.ycec.sg/UN/war-felon-hk.htm 主頁中更無疑  

The cause is because then lzm’s "three measures of aviation security" invention to help ex-president Bush to defeat 911 in USA’s catastrophe after, the history  will be to forget, and then Bush still to wrong accept ex-CP China chair J_Zemin’s swap terms to wink at agree sell arms to Taiwan and after at once great to bribe Bush’s brother Mr. Neil Bush  and by J_Zemin’s firstborn Jiang JinHeng to threaten to proclaim on Nov., 27, 2004 or can to see at www.ycec.sg/UN/150117.htm , so Bush only can to wicked violate promise for Lzm!

And after, as at again let Obama’s younger brother to keep at Shenzhen city of China accept money the same to threaten Obama can’t ratify include PCT/SG03/00145 that "wash lung" and only have specially good effect the "freezing" two big medicine patents the same at main page of www.ycec.sg/UN/war-felon-hk.htm still more undoubtedly!  

  難道美國人的生命就那麼不值錢嗎? 也更如当年的布殊總統臨死之前的肺炎病狀也用不上“洗肺”醫療法死於2018年不可長命百歲是否活該也值一提!

  Is it possible that all Americans' life cloddy ?   Also still as old Bush ex-president to pneumonia before at the point of death but can’t  to "wash lung" treatment to die on 2018year so can’t to live to be a hundred whether to get what sb. deserves also to deserve to be mentioned!

 其後有見網傳江澤民的 美女宋祖英急訪小布殊別墅後共划船玩樂也見有報, 難道布殊就可將父仇一忘而盡

 And after still can to see J_Zemin’s belle of Song Zuying to fast visit the villa of little Bush after still have in unison to row a boat to play on news, is it possible that the little Bush just can let the father's killers to forget all that!  

    且就此已陷入行賄陷阱美國政權也要下跪聽話引領全球各國拒批PCT/SG03/00145專利早在 www.ycec.pk or www.ycec.net 無疑

      Therefore, already into trap of bribery at this point the USA Power also must kneel down to obedient and to guide any country to refused ratify the patent of PCT/SG03/00145 early at www.ycec.pk or www.ycec.net undoubtedly!

   特别 鹽水保健法或近期的 or .htm 可見的肺部氣流防疫法兩次均已傳遍美國各大學後,因此, 新聞, 特郎普總統Jan., 01, 2021突回白宮演講變調氣流防疫法稱:極速曲線行動的成功是醫學奇跡”,“我們將一勞永逸地結速大流行”!


    Special as in the "brine health hygiene" or near future the "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" at or .htm without except twice by email to inform all USA University after, and by the new at  visual, so the President Trump on Jan., 01, 2021 abruptly at White House fervor to lecture to tone sandhi the "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to state: …the “Operation Warp Speed” to success is a “medical miracle” , “We will end the pandemic once and for all”…!   

 So already into trap of bribery the general election of USA behind Power only can pull out Biden appoint President to be obvious the USA Power already incredible!

    特別是拜登的當選後, 為方便哄騙市民打疫苗被蠢蛋化, ycec.com 2021.3.03 突然在港被CE林鄭強行關閉反及拜登的插手也在  www.ycec.sg/911/icann.htm www.ycec.pk/SG/210228.htm 可見也要威迫新加坡政府違規關閉 ycec.sg, 因此,HKCE林鄭疫苗護照才敢馬上出, 以及明知疫苗毫無科學根據也要出盡鬼計騙民谷針毒害公眾, 並也必有妖娥在後教唆各國政客

         Especially then Biden is elected after, because for convenient to cheat HK citizen cover American with any country to injection vaccine only can to fool, so ycec.com at once on 2021.3.03 by HKCE to vicious force closed on 2021.3.03 after and to intervene by Joe Biden at www.ycec.pk/911/icann.htm & www.ycec.pk/SG/210228.htm visual who will to compel the Singapore Gov., to be against regulations ycec.sg, so the vaccine passport” only dare to unveil by HKCE  CarrieLam to disclose at once, and HKCE  who to be fully aware the “vaccine” have not any science a basis only can by the invention of PCT/SG03/00145 to crack case, but CECarrieLam still stern to control all media to do all the tricks cheat citizen shot “vaccine” to poison public, and who inevitable as a goblin moth in hind to instigate politician of various countries:


If not have the vaccine” & to wear mask” still can to fool your national? And only can beneficial you become a King to be in Power, is wrong?

   更多詳情就lzm剛給新加坡王乙康衛生部長信中清楚無疑, 更值各國領導參考切莫也成歷史罪人

   More details right here as lzm just to Minister for Health Mr. Ong ye Kung of Singapore a letter clear to undoubtedly, so still to be worth various countries leader to consult, and by no means to become a history sinner!


   也難, 就因全球已盡知人人必用lzm的五大發明且千年不變, 更也明知如今已禍害全球由香港林鄭政府造假的COVID-19佈局志在當lzm如由深圳回港被隔離才可方便被HKCE林鄭謀殺, 但早心知肚明的基辛格卻於心不忍 向各國领导人發出警告

     It also no wonder, because everybody must to use lzm’s five big invention and will millenary constant already to know everything in world, and still to be fully aware today already to calamity whole world of fake COVID-19 to layout by HKCE CarrieLam only aim for if inventor lzm from Shen Zhen City of China go back HK must to separate only can convenience EC CarrieLam to murder!  But already to knowing fairly well of the Kissinger to refuse be against one's conscience so to warn


   因此大公報 2020-04-06 【大公報訊】根據《華爾街日報》可見的報導指:美國前國務卿基辛格(圓圖)3日在《華爾街日報》發表主題為 新冠病毒大流行將永遠改變世界秩序 的專欄文章,指出疫情對人類健康的影響可能是暫時的!   但所引發的政治和經濟動盪,可能會持續影響幾代人  


    Therefore, just by  takungpao.com base on the "Wall Street Journal" can to see report on April 06, 2020 to point out 

       Former U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger (circle chart) who on April 03, 2020 to publish subject is "The New Corona virus Pandemic Will Forever Changing the World Order" to pointed out, the epidemic to impact human  health it may be temporary, but to ignite the political and economic turmoil it caused may continue to affect several generations. 

        So Kissinger  called on all countries must on the basis of cooperation to solve current problems, otherwise they will face the "worst outcome".

    當德國總理默克爾必然有看到lzm2020.2.24日去信其駐港總領事盡知中港以“口液或鼻涕”體外之物“確診”造假的COVID-19醫學騙局, 因此知恥首先表示要辭職,但其卡倫鮑爾接班人馬上於2020.3.17日由新聞可見辭職不幹壞事默克爾也馬上於2020.3.22日表演要居家隔離接受檢測企圖誘騙其接班人回頭! 但沒用,卡倫鮑爾就不想成為歷史罪人其後,默克爾是否希特勒的外孫女也有新聞可見!

   Then the German Merkel Premier who be bound to see lzm a letter to their Consul general in HK on Feb., 24, 2000 after, the Merkel inevitable all to know from China & HK Gov., by out of body the “spit or snot” to “diagnosis” fake the medicine fraud of COVID-19, so to have a sense of shame of the Merkel in the first place to show must to resign, but the AKK successor the same shame to resign not to do evildoing!  But the Merkel at once to play must to quarantine in home on March 17, 2020 attempt to cajole AKK successor to repent!  But of no use, the Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer successor does not want to become a historical sinner!  And after, the Merkel whether a Hitler's granddaughter that news can see too!


    Because Merkel certain existence as above the little Bush or Obama already sink into the bribe a trap so still must to trick EU any country continue to fall victim to by mask & vaccine the medicine fraud of COVID-19, also by Malta in Finland an ambassador the same to query the Merkel just is a contemporary Hitler by UK BBC to edition on May 15, 2020 too.

   也由於如下日本首相安倍晉三20008詐病辭職以為就可免罪, 特朗總統也在其社交網站指責USCDC造假COVID-19的死亡數字從可見警告了拜登中美隨時走向災難堪比世界大戰, 美國防部因此於2020.11.25日立即宣佈開除基辛格為顧問!

   Also as below the Abe Shinzo Premier of JP the same to malinger resign to assume just can to be exonerated from on August of 2020, and the Trump President as will as at his social contact website to censure the USCDC to make false the death toll of COVID-19 bycan to see to warning Biden if again to fake the China & USA will presently to run the catastrophe it may be a world war, so the US's Ministry of Defense at once to expel Kissinger for the adviser to announce on Nov., 25, 2020!


   也由於造假的COVID-19醫學騙局早就盡知天下,馬來西亞慕尤丁首相也2021.7.23日致函國家元首要求國會宣佈撤銷COVID-19的緊急狀態條例及於2021.8.16日正式宣佈辭職 不想再干壞事了!

   Also because to fake the medicine fraud of COVID-19 already to be known the world, so the Malaysia Muhyiddin Yassin Premier as well as to send a letter their sovereign ask the parliament to announce cancel the state of emergency statute on July 23, 2021 and formal announce to resign no again to do evil thing on Aug., 16, 2021!


   The gauze mask & vaccine baron Premier Trudeau of Ca who same to feel a twinge of conscience so on Aug., 16, 2021 to formal announce ahead of time a general election on Sep., 20, 2021!


    It also as the Afghanistan in HK a consul general the same to be clear about by politico Biden & Merkel to be fully aware if only to get lzm latest invention of "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to make public, start by China & HK Gov., to fake a to calamity worldwide COVID-19 just can as above President Trump at White House to proclaim it will forever to end, so necessarily to clear for the Taliban power undoubtedly too! 

   阿富汗變局令美國 的國際信譽大跌,特別是塔利班權勢也立即於2021.8.16日正式宣佈禁止民眾打新冠疫苗關閉所有的醫院注射室招顯其英雄本色!

    And Afghan the changed situation already let international honor of USA to big fall, the Taliban power at once announce on Aug., 16, 2021 to forbid public to shoot the vaccine of COVID-19 and close all shoot room of hospital with no anyone to wear a mask to flutter the heroic abilities!  

   因此, 塔利班的英雄本色已令如上已下跪中美或欧盟政權明知造假COVID-19仍要推動及命令務必戴口罩注射疫苗的醫學大騙局的那些不知羞恥国家政客面目進一步全非!

   Therefore, Taliban's hero natural qualities already let to kneel down for Cp China & US or EU powers to be fully aware fake COVID-19 but who still to advance with order anyone must to wear mask & shoot vaccine the medicine fraud those barefaced countries politico to go a step further to everything's changed beyond recognition!


The Merkel yes or no Hitler's grandchild?

    也因此,被質疑為現代希特勒默克爾不樂表态拒絕為阿富汗難民提供援助, 反而由其候選人巴爾博克提議歐盟對中國輸歐產品提高關稅, 顯然只有利再與中國政府私下討價還價以為就可避開协助造假的COVID-19醫學大騙局危害德國及所有歐盟人生命的司法責任?


    Also therefore, then to query as modern Hitler of the Merkel just at once unhappy to refused to give aid for the Afghan refugee, on the contrary of the Annalena Baerbock candidate to propose EU must to lift customs for Chinese products that only favorable with Cp China to bargain to suppose just can to avoid assist the medicine fraud by fake COVID-19 already to harm all EU person life the judicature duty?   But the thought at heart whether still hide fantasy as Merkel to acquiesce fake COVID-19 after contrarily to feel pleased but not show it by compel to wear mask & shoot vaccine only can beneficial to stupid Germany with all EU person that only can to achieve Hitler's dream of unify EU to achieve, and only can to profitable any country dominion that wicked mentality of politico already to be worth EU with in global to opinion of the public!

此外,不興趣配合中美造假表演“確診COVID-19替代安倍晉三繼續扮鬼臉的現任菅義偉首相也知羞多次暗示不想再連再任但反被中國鳳鳳TV笑稱日本為《世界公認的科技大國竟“不敢”做疫苗?,為何?这正是中國王朝慣用的神機妙算企图激怒上當, 所有日本大學均早知所有病毒疫苗全無科學根據,可見日本人中尚有不少正道義士在

Besides, uninterested cooperate with Cp_China & US to fake performance "confirmed diagnosis" for COVID-19 to substitute Abe Shinzo of the incumbent Kan Yiwei  Premier also to know shame so at many times to hint not think again to be reelected!  But just to be jest Japan for aworld accepted scientific power unexpectedly afraid to” do vaccine?by ifeng TV of China, why?  This just is China dynasty to habitually use “One's methods are more than human” attempt to enrage Jp to fall for, but as all JP Uni. even already to know all virus vaccine has not any scientific evidence, so by this can to see in Japanese till have some morally courageous person of right way at here

   以及也有不少日本醫院就不接收納造假“確診COVID-19 所謂感染者也見有報 因此,菅義偉首相也公開聲稱已對今天COVID-19在日本的災患已看到出口,但馬上被日本廣播的『村上RADIO』節目春樹名作家大笑諷刺:或許只是看了想看的情況。  難道春樹先生就可詐稱連如上特郎普總統於白宫演講稱:“肺部氣流防疫法”的“極速曲線行動”成功是“醫學奇跡,我們將一勞永逸地結速大流行!”也可詐傻不知情?简直如中國一間諜奴才可笑至極

  And then, still have some of JP hospitals not to received so-called infector by fake to diagnosis” of COVID-19 also can to see the news!   Therefore, Kan Yiwei Premier because now in Japanese calamity of COVID-19 already to see an exit, but at once by Jp Broadcasting a program of『村上RADIOto mockHe maybe only by his like to see a caseIs it possible that the Mr. Spring Tree just can to arrogation not to know above President Trump at White House to oration for “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" just is a Operation Warp Speed” of  “medical miracle” , “We will end the pandemic once and for all”…also can to pretend a silly to show not to know?  It maybe as a spy or flunky of Cp China already to funny until!   


But Kan Yiwei  Premier still bold on Sep., 03, 2021to announce resign not to election and who will effort to follow with interest COVID-19 case by ifeng TV visible already to inform Cp China dynasty, just as expected, Kan Yiwei  who’s bearing of a Japanese morally courageous person is constant!




      In fact, above just is the serious consequence by Chinese dynasty habitually practice "double dealings" means or “One's methods are more than human”!

       因此,當今已行賄陷阱美國政權 唯一的出路是馬上叫拜登詐病辭職如安倍晉三日本首相,然後再讓特郎普重新上總統才可全球百歲免醫時代有望首先在美國實現!以及才可令全球領導權的危機解脫

  Therefore, today already to deep sink the bribe trap of USA Power the only one a way out is must at once order Biden to malinger resign as the Abe Shinzo Premier, and after let Trump again to take up president only can hopeful letCentenaran Exempt-doctor of Timesto start with come to USA! And only can to absolve the crisis of the leadership at world!  

拜登政權WHO 犯罪焦点如下:

Biden power & WHO's guilt focus below

     由於拜登上任前, 如在可見早已傳開美國大學包括食品及藥品管理局,疾病控制中心及HHS部門那些不可否認的主題事實及再附件傳遍全球有名的第1-100律師事務所, 清楚告知今天COVID-19 的檢手段只由臭口水臭鼻涕全來自體外天然之細菌這正是本世紀最可恥的醫學騙局,以及告知這正是不能否認拜登各國領導人WHO同樣顛倒是非的犯罪證據其一

But then Biden to assume office before, as at visible already email to all US Uni. include FDA, CDC or HHS department those can't deny all subject fact & attachments also spread in worldwide famous 1-100 lawyer firm to clear inform today only by out of body of the "saliva or nasal cavity" to "identify diagnosis" means of COVID-19 just current century the most shameful medicine fraud, and the same can't deny by Biden or any country leader & WHO to confuse right and wrong of the of the guilt proof that one at here!


     As well unusual to inform any country lawyer still can by fake "identify diagnosis" means to tort after again by retch thoroughly quarantine & mask order to injure with murder their national those leader as a Hitler or today's mask Biden, so any country lawyer must to assist to die by quarantine & mask order those bereaved to claims only can to save still more life!

但特別 lzm’s電郵各美大學通知可見:『在美國普選的關鍵時間,食品及藥品管理局&疾病控制中心突然在COVID-19確診每天已經超過120,000人幫助拜登欺騙選民及後攻擊特朗普, 因此請通知特朗普,就因當今COVID-19的測試手段只為身體之外全部天然細菌,如果特朗普公開撕下這醫學騙局的假面具及介召"肺部氣流防疫法" 為公眾使用,由FDA & CDC的惡作劇將立即破產及對手拜登同樣會確認敗選』。且也告知在 可見的 "肺部氣流防疫法" 非常簡單3歲小孩也一教即識,只要一用,任何流感或今天造假的冠狀病毒由US FDA & CDC提供的退熱劑無需吃就可退燒, 以及務必隔離, 載口罩和洗手低智商的防預法FDA & CDC包括世界衛生組織均可立即滾蛋﹗

But particularly at that email US anyone Uni. to inform visible:『In the key time of US general election, the FDA & CDC suddenly to fake the confirmed cases of COVID-19 everyday already to exceed 120,000 people only wicked to help Joe Biden to cheat electors and after to attack Trump, so please to inform Trump, because today’s test means of COVID-19 only by out of body all the crude germs, if Trump open to unmask this focus of medicine fraud & introduce the "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to use for public, the prank by FDA & CDC will to bankruptcy on the spot and the opponent Joe Biden the same beyond recognition to go aside election! 』。 And also to inform at  or  visible the Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law” was very simple to include a child of three age to once teach will be good at, if only to use, any flu or today fraud coronavirus by FDA & CDC that antipyretic no need to eat just can to down, and must to isolate, wear masks & washing hands those low IQ of prevention methods with FDA & CDC include WHO can immediately get away! 

  拜登也因此才2020.12.04日馬上轉口:『在就职典礼首日,我将要求公众100口罩。只是100, 而不是永远,100日而已』有報導可見!

     Therefore, the Biden only can at once to subterfuge on December 04, 2020:to at inauguration first-day, I will to request public to wear 100days gauze mask.  Merely 100days, and not forever, 100days nothing more.on news visible!

也由於美國各州早知口罩有害無益的提出反對,特朗普也公開聲稱:美國人有不戴口罩的自由! 但美國法律界為何不敢支持特朗普就有前法官揭恐怖內幕2020.12.21日有報導可見!

Also because in US each STATE already to know to wear gauze mask harmful useless so to bring up oppose, and the President Trump too open profess: American have liberty not to wear gauze mask!  But why American law scope afraid to support Trump?  So just have before a US Judge to unmask of an inside the terror on December 21, 2020 at news can see too!

但上任後的拜登就馬上缺德反口, 也立即2021.1.24日下令所有入境者務必要攜帶核酸證明+隔离7,及在機場或公眾交通工具務必要口罩, 更計畫100天內為1億美國人接種疫苗

But to assume office of the Biden at once wicked to reverse his mouth, also at once to order all entry country who must to carry a nucleic acid certificate with must to quarantine 7days, and at airport or public traffic tool must to wear gauze mask, and still to plan in 100days for one hundred million American to inoculate COVID-19 vaccine

拜登更於2021.3.03在白宮批評兩州取消口罩令, 且更插手ICANN國際網絡集團配合 HK林鄭政府關閉林哲民專用www.ycec.com 網站及阻止不少國家的網絡公司提供服務從 www.ycec.sg/911/icann.htm 或轉.net or .pk可見, 以為就可讓全球不知 lzm還有人人必用且簡單易用的 "肺部氣流防疫法" 發明存在才繼續哄騙全球公眾口罩、打毫無科學根據的病毒疫苗如不早死也會被蠢蛋化如此缺德的政客心態突顯

The Biden still at the White House to criticized two US STATES to cancel the order of gauze mask, and still to intervened ICANN international network group to tie in HKEO CarrieLam to closed lzm’s www.ycec.com website and to prevent from some of countries network company to supply service on www.ycec.sg/911/icann.htm or .net or .pk visible, because them to feel just can let worldwide not to know lzm still have anyone must to need and simple easy to use of the invention of “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to exist only can continue to cheat global public to idiot by wear gauze mask and shoot have not any science basis of the virus vaccine if not early to die also can to blockhead as to wicked politico intention to suddenly noticeable

且如長期口罩更會缺氧導致病發高山症,不論男女的性愛能力將逐日消失常態如出家和尚、尼姑, 其關聯如在香港的出生率已跌至0.87% 有史最低, 將更有害人類的生存空間…,


And if long-term to wear gauze mask still can anaerobic respiration to lead pathological changes a mountain sickness, regardless of any men or women their sex instinct will day by day to disappear and after the normality as to become a monk or nun to same in HK today the birthrate already dropped to 0.87% of history lowest, so to wear mask will to evil human the live space…, again to state…

"肺部氣流防疫法" 或簡稱『肺氣功』已令特朗普化!

The “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" or for shortLung breathing technique

Already to cause President Trump to youthful!

   更由於口罩有害健康疫苗全無科學根據在 www.ycec.sg/UN/war-felon.htm 也均早已告知各國政要,特別是 "肺部氣流防疫法" 的最新發明連如上的特朗普總統在白宮的面對媒體發表為“醫學奇跡”!


   就因如 lzm2020.3.30去信張建宗司長更直言 肺部氣流防疫法『只要60歲以上老者以防發燒病變外,每天早中晚由雙鼻猛吸出氣各3 以上應成為健身慣性活動就有利擴張肺腔不昜萎縮令肺活量升高不缺氧可再長命10-20, 想早哋死都冇咁易』也可簡稱為『肺氣功』才可导致特朗普化的歷史見證!

    Still more to wear a mask very harmful health as  with all vaccine nil any science a basis at  or in www.ycec.sg/UN/war-felon.htm also early already to inform any Country Gov. circles, unusual is “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" of lzm’s latest invent it to include above the President Trump to face medium at the White House to publish this invent is a “medical miracle” !

And by above right photo or visible, why the President Trump’s face those wrinkle can to not many already to show youthful?

Just due to as lzm a letter to Mr. Cheung Kin-chung of Chief Secretary inform about “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to be outspokenif above 60years old man by this to prevent fever disease beyond, every day in time of Morning, afternoon and night by their double nostril fiercely inhale and exhaust repeatedly over three times to become a body-building of inertia it only beneficial can to dilate the lung cavity with not easy to atrophy, so the vital capacity will to increased so again to add life-span of 10-20years, if want early to die who has no easy! or for shortLung breathing techniqueonly can to lead Trump’s youthful this historical at here!

難道拜登還可無人性可言也在其威迫下的领导人WHO 還可繼續示範口罩打造全造假的COVID-19疫苗配合拜登志在騙民蠢蛋化所有美國人才有利其执政拜登也因此不惜公開謀害公眾生命其手段更勝希特勒也不可否認犯罪證據焦點其二!

Is it possible that Biden still can not have humanity to speak as will as by his to coerce those any Country Gov. leader with WHO still can continue to show to wear mask & shoot fully fake COVID-19 vaccine to tie in Biden to aims for deceive public to stupid all American only beneficial his power, so the Biden not to hesitate to murder public life of the means even better Hitler already can not to deny of the witness of crime focus that two at here!


但如美國COVID-19輝瑞(Pfizer)疫苗, 莫德納(Moderna)疫苗其所謂的“抗體成果”並無專利驗證成果可言 拜登上仼後且立即要美國食品和藥物管理局於2021.2.27批准已暫停臨床試驗的強生新冠疫苗緊急使用授權, 但馬上引發美國天主質疑道德問題, 也見有美國衛生官員2021.4.15呼籲暫停使用強生制藥(J&J)生產的新冠肺炎疫苗

    But as US’s COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine, Moderna Vaccine that so-called “antibody fruitful results" really not have a patent & test and verify fruitful results can to word!   But then Biden to assume office after who at once to order US FDA to ratify already to halt clinical test of the J&J COVID-19 Vaccine can to urgent use, but at once to query is an ethic question by Catholicism of USA, also can to see have a US sanitation official to appeal must to time-out use the J&J COVID-19 Vaccine!

所有造假的COVID-19病毒疫苗"無效阻止全來自體外天然之細菌進入人人必有的臭口水臭鼻涕"可輕易由來自香港荒謬的測試套件"均可再確診"COVID-19感染者早在 www.ycec.sg/HK/YellowPeril.htm 爆笑天下後 缺德的拜登馬上於2021四月叫出印度的總理加入國際撒謊行列首先造假的COVID-19病毒 已經變種"企圖以為就可讓造假COVID-19疫苗" 一敗塗地後免得面光盡失!

But then all to fake COVID-19 vaccine" in vain to hold back come from out of body anyone natural germs into everyone certainly exist in their smell ysaliva & nasal cavity that just can by HK’s test-kit of absurdity equal can again easy to confirmed diagnosis” as a infector already at www.ycec.sg/HK/YellowPeril.htm to explode laugh the world after, to wicked of the Biden at once to call out Indian premier to join international lie line first to fake COVID-19 virus already to “mutation" attempt to gloss over COVID-19 virus to fake ungainly sight, so the Biden at once again wicked proclaim to support at global to abandon the root not to exist of COVID-19 virus patent the protect power on May 05, 2021 also by this come to!


So unusual wicked of the Biden at once again to proclaim to support at global can to abandon the root not to exist of  “COVID-19 vaccine" patent the protect power to aims for further expand international medicine fraud of COVID-19 on May 05, 2021 it also by this come to!

但沒用,非生物病毒絕不會變種! 如屬生物之病毒細菌要其基因變種更務必萬年之後才可! 由此顛倒最基本科學論理的謊言進一步可見,這正是人性盡失拜登US_FDA, CDC or HHS包括WHO不可否認的犯罪焦點其三

But no dice, because all virus not a creature so can not to mutation!  And as belong to a creature the “germs” of virus if want to mutation the DNA still must ten thousand years after only can!   So from this to upside down the basic scientific logic of the lie visible, this just is humanity already to utmost lost the Biden with US_FDA, CDC or HHS with WHO can’t to deny of the crime focus that three at here!

也由於有拜登如上缺德推動,所有明知造假如COVID-19 疫苗其製造商也就不用如過往務必費盡心機編寫謊言有所謂"抗體"的藥品學根據及其專利申請何在?  因此,如今的製造商只須食品和藥物管理局一紙空文的認可就可隨心所欲造假騙民注射及詐取大量巨額金錢! 為何?

Also because have above the Biden wicked to advance, so all manufacturer of COVID-19 Vaccine too need not as before must to exhaust all mental efforts to compile lie have so-called “antibody" of medicines to base on their patent application at where?  Therefore, today’s manufacturer if only by FDA a mere scrap of paper just can to follow their inclinations to deceive people to shoot with defraud a huge money Why





    也如上的加拿大特魯總理為何會有良知提前大選如辭職? 就正因特魯多明知所有的病毒疫苗”全無科學根據早被PCT/SG03/00145 洗肺醫療法及Lzm的“肺部氣流防疫法”最新發明也20202月後進一步在全球天空顯現神跡跡,更特郎普於白宮面向媒體公佈認可為“醫學奇跡…,我們將一勞永逸地結速大流行

      It also as above the Premier Trudeau of Ca why can by his conscience to ahead of time the election period as resign?  That just because to be fully aware all virus vaccine” fully not any science base early by wash lung treatment of PCT/SG03/00145 with Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law of lzm's latest invention that also on Feb., of 2020 after further to show “deity merit” at worldwide sky, so still by President Trump on Jan., 01, 2021 at White House to face medium to announce agree lzm this invention just a medicine miracle…, we will end the pandemic once and for all…”!


      But come from Cp China with already to sink into bribe trap of USA two big powers to be at a loss of the Trudeau still must to impetus or make fake the inoculate rate of virus vaccine of COVID-19 and put out to retch thoroughly of the mask order open to harm public life benefits of the crime already can to deny so to mentally and physically spent…, but obvious must have spirits no loose of Prince Philip only can to call out it to waking up!     


 In editing...

Mask Make Long to incur beat soundly a palm the history witness!

So French make and curfew order only can to cancel !

   一切也就因各國均有自私政客操控明知戴口罩只 會有利蠢蛋化國民, 且有WHO譚德塞下跪對 造假的武漢瘟疫認可旗幟在手也就是非不分, 如被lzm追債面盲盲乱下口罩令法國總統馬克龍如右图2021.6.08口罩民怒打一巴後才於10天後取消口罩宵禁令!

    Because all countries even have a selfish politicians manipulate to be fully aware to wear masks only be beneficial to moron nationals, and then they have  WHO Director Tedros Adhanom  already to kneel accept Wuhan plague the fake banner in hand after also at once indiscriminate the right and wrong, as to dun paymentby lzm after no face of the Fr. President Make Long as right photo to anger hit a palm by a masks people on 2021.6.08 and 10days after  only can to rescind the masks with curfew order!

但當ycec.com2021.3.03 突然在港被強行關閉後,就拜登上仼後的配合儘管投訴中,拜登疫苗護照TV展現的第2林鄭也特別興奮馬上在無線TV宣佈疫苗護照,拜登疫苗護照在美國引發了強烈爭論共和黨找到新武器,白官被迫於2021.4.07公佈不會簽發,WHO也只可當天反對,就見次子於2021.5.08日美國高校录取不再被制裁拜登交昜諒不可莫,由此可拜登-疫苗护照內幕關聯並不简单..., 此,禍亂全球確診造假 的醫學騙局停不了

    But then lzms ycec.com to fore closed  in HK on 2021.3.03 after,  it is because despite tie by Biden to assume office after though complain in…, also then Biden's vaccine passport in Phoenix TV to shown 2days after, the HKCE CarrieLam also particularly excited immediately at HKTV announced already have vaccines passports, but Biden's vaccine passport in the US to triggered a strong debate so the Republicans to state find a "new weapons"..., so the white House to be compelled proclaim will not be sign & issue on 2021.4.07,  the WHO also to opposition on the same day!   But after on 2,021,508, the CE CarrieLam’s second son to enroll by a US College no again to punish with Biden's swap that can’t none, so the vaccines passports that inside to be related is not simple ..., therefore, to calamity at world starting from HK the medicine fraud of “diagnosis Covid-19” will can not to stop!

    林郑早在2021.2.22日就帶頭接種科興新冠疫苗哄騙市民 如張果老預言陰險猾賊性質做足個人防護措施謊言四出,但就不將“肺部氣流防疫法”廣介市民, 就因全港媒體全在嚴控中知而不敢言

   But the CE CarrieLam already take the lead to shootKexing Xinguan vaccine” again cheat citizen as Zhang Guolao’s predictedall vile and sinister in nature』must to do adequate personal protective measures the lie around, but solely not to introduce the "Lung Airflow Prevention Law" for citizens, because all media are strictly control in HK as in the know but afraid to speak!     

      也如從 2018.7.16的去信或在中可見事實根據, 難道林鄭就可詐不知疫苗全無科學根據張果老預言千年後的今天 将人鬼不分就此而来

   Also as lzm to send a letter on July 16, 2018 or at visible basis fact, could it be said that EC Clam just can to arrogation not to know the “vaccine” utterly without science to base on?  So ZhGL’s prophecy will the human or ghost no separate at thousand years after thus come to!

   In editing...


Above just to have a France Heroes only can to cancel mask & curfew order, but below the JP, NZ, IN and TW same have or no?

    也由於or .htm可見的肺部氣流防疫法傳遍美國各大學,不少的美國州 早已宣佈取消口罩令,更如orlzm追債的面如土色的安倍晉日本首相也深知 特别是lzm5大發明特别肺氣防疫法無人可擋,還可被中港政話再騙如右图吞 得下?

    Also due toor .htm visible "Lung Airflow Prevention Law" have been spread  throughout all USA Uni, and many states have already announced to  cancel masks order, still more as or to dun payment by lzm of the Abe Shinzo Premier the same already to know lzm’s five big invention especially is Prevention Law already cant to block and anyone must to use,  so still can to be fooled by CP-China again to swallow lzm’s patent right as right photo, can not?

  因此, 尚有點男子氣概 的安倍晉20208月要詐病辭職不干菅義偉首相可詐称唔知 orlzm追債2017年紐西蘭英格利希首相也要詐病辭職換上阿爾登女首相其後到北京就不敢超24小時就怕被 偷喂春藥受控!

    Therefore, still have some man mettle of the Abe Shinzo at once malinger to resign on August of 2020 only can to let Kan Yiwei Premier can to arrogation not know as lzm’s or to dun payment after the New Zealand Bill English premier who the same must malinger to resign on 2017 and give place to a woman premier Jacinda Ardern, but after who did not dare to stay in Beijing to exceed 24 hours, because who was very afraid by secretly to feed philters to control!



NZ Bill 首相

NZ 阿爾登首相

       由於拜登疫苗護照登造假的確診人數也非下調不可, 更因lzm2021.4.01日起就直接去電港府各部門如2021.4.03食環衛生署直言吿知確診 造假及穀針反骨真相,此時就急壞了EC林鄭, 因此就由拜登出馬配合中國贈送大量氧氣瓶及制氧機教唆也被如lzm追債的印度也要卒於20214初要起動誇大確診人數詐稱“雙重突變病毒”確診讓早被媒體貭疑借國安法將使香港突變淪為人治EC林鄭令已嚴控下的港媒才可繼續配合騙民谷針...

   Still more due of the Biden's vaccine passport to discredit lose already so fraud to diagnosis Covid-19 number must to lower,  and because lzm on 2021.4.01 after have direct telephone some of  HK Gov, department ason 2021.4.03 to FEHD to speak bluntly the medicine fraud of “diagnosis Covid-19” with  to shootKexing Xinguan vaccine” of the abnormity truth,  so at this time to really upsetting  of the CE CarrieLam, so the Biden at once to cooperate with CP China to donate a large number of oxygen cylinders with oxygenerator to instigate them as the same to dun payment & by lzm,  so the India Gov., at once to start  exaggerate the number of diagnosis Covid-19 on April of 2021 and lie to arrogation have "double mutant virus" let already to query by HK media because the National Security Law already to lead HK become "the rule by man" of the EC CLam can order already strictly controlled of HK media can continue to cooperate again to deceived people to shoot vaccine ...

但其後再無利可圖的印度就於20215月中就減慢誇大急壞了CE 林鄭,其絕招一為香港駐台辦於2021.5.18日馬上宣佈停運直插葵英文咽喉、另加上中國軍機的近台威脅及拜登力勸,台灣因此始於2021.5.21日就要表演誇大確診人數超300本土病例 配合林鄭可繼續利用港媒宣傳造假確診再騙民!

       But then India to know already profitless after on among of May of 2021 to slow down diagnosis number at once to upset for CE CLam,  so on news visible is, the trick a is HK Gov. in Taiwan Affairs office at once announced stop motion to straight cutting the throat of TW Kui president, and to add  the military aircraft near TW threaten by CP China with to urge by Biden, so the TW Gov., at once on May 21, 2021 after to start  exaggerate the number of diagnosis Covid-19 every day to exceed 300 local case morbidity to cooperate CLam to employ HK media again to deceived citizen of HK to shoot vaccine ...

    尽管如上述早下跪 的WHO譚德塞也 於2021.6.01日 要聽話“科兴新冠疫苗”列入紧急使用,但從早知毫無科學根據的疫苗只為蠢民手段台灣各界就拒絕是 谷針中國疫苗配合, 此時的林鄭又另兩怪招出齊, 即澳門駐台機構2021.6.16停運及要台駐港辦人員簽一中承諾書威迫...,

      Notwithstanding as foregoing already had to kneel down of the WHO Director Tedros Adhanom to emergency urgent ratify "Kexing Xinguan vaccine" can to emergency use, but on already clear any vaccine have not science basis, so all circles of TW at once refuse to tie in shoot "Kexing Xinguan vaccine" , and on this time, the CE CLam again had two odd skill to shown,  that is, Macao agencies in TW on 2021.6.16day to stopped motion with to coercion the staff of the Taiwan Office in HK must to sign the "promise book of one China" to coerce...





       Just likeZhang Guolao’s predicted that today's world after a thousand years: the world will be overwhelming with ghosts, and people will learn from ghosts.

       也即因如氣概 非凡菲臘親王慘被下跪聽話美國政權活活氣死但其英靈不散, 果然

    Also because above mettle extraordinary of the Prince Philip to tragic by USA regime to alive sulk to death, but his Holy Spirit no to idle, just as expected

    英國也在2021.7.20宣佈全面解封不必戴口罩也由此而來 7天後的英國科學顧問Sage就有報告指:目前幾乎可以肯定將出現一種冠病病毒變種,會導致目前所有的疫苗失效

     Britain as well as to announce all-round lift way block with no must to wear a mask on July 20, 2021.  And on 7 days after, the scientific advisor of BritainSagejust had a report to refers: Now, nearly can to affirm” it will to turn up a virus variety of COVID-19, so it will to lead to today all the vaccine to lose efficacy”.  


It is first to open all the virus vaccine” has not any scientific evidence that can to see already to start too!

      就因世上只有“細菌感染”並無“病毒感染”早被 PCT/SG03/00145 林哲民於20035發明一錘定音 

  Just because in the world only have germs infection” and not have “virus infection” that already by lzm's invention of PCT/SG03/00145 on May of 2003year to give the final word!

    也早在 www.ycec.sg/UN/120617/witness-history.htm 盡知全球政界令所有病毒学家颜面尽失, 且也為全球醫學界特別以病毒疫苗騙局基础的各國醫學部門疫苗組織特別是WHO面临有史以來的最大恥辱!

    Also already on www.ycec.sg/UN/120617/witness-history.htm to fully know worldwide political circles and let all virologist the prestige to wholly lose, the same is worldwide medicine scope especially by virus” for fraud basis of vaccine” all any country those medicine department or any vaccine organization unusual is the WHO to face in throughout history of the maximum shame!

  也就因空氣中細菌種類超千, 由其入肺腔繁殖才有關聯的基因杂物入血留体,細菌小如SARS不易离开才有其基因杂物不断入血如一旦超越肝膽的解毒能力才會發燒, WHO全球醫學界或教科書仍就無知地將所有入肺細菌及其繁殖留下的基因杂物統称為 病毒 及詐稱可在血液中自我繁殖, 因此要打病毒疫苗 就可提高 抗體 防疫哄騙公眾, 也就如此缺德無常全無科學論理的危言聳聽就算非專業學者也一聽即明,因此也才有PCT/SG03/00145洗肺 醫療法的發明及時面世才可解除2003年的非典危機!

     That because the germs kind in air have to exceed thousand, so only by germs into lung cavity to breed only can have some related gene of miscellaneous objects into blood to stay body, if the germ small as SARS not easy to leave only have it's gene objects unceasing into blood and if to exceed detoxify ability of the liver and gall only can to fever, but WHO & worldwide medicine scope or textbook still ignorant to get all into lung with by it to breed remain those gene miscellaneous articles to be generally called virus” and arrogation can to self to breed in blood, so must to shoot virus vaccine” just can to lift “antibody epidemic prevention to cheat public, also as this wicked fickle fully any scientific verification of the alarmist talk even if not a specialty scholar once listen promptly can to clear, so only have the wash lung treatment invention of PCT/SG03/00145 only can at once to lift the SARS crisis of 2003year!


However, not alike type of germ inevitable can to remain it's gene objects to feel free to misrepresentation virus” but not an organism absolutely not can breed in body also can by the medicine textbook of USA or China at  to verify! 

也即當前所謂的COVID-19病毒感染”全由“口水或鼻腔”體外之物、如當地空氣中不同細菌入駐未死也“確診”全為COVID-19感染者務必要隔離, 而今由中港政府缺德造假的COVID-19 的罪行www.ycec.net/HK/YellowPeril-hk.htm 早就清楚無疑, 但仍要拜登政權WHO缺德下跪配合才可亂局全球的焦點也在此!

Also present so-called COVID-19 "virus infect" all by the out of body of the "saliva or nasal cavity", if in the local air   have different DNA kind of bacterium into but till not to die that just have opportunity to "confirmed diagnosis" for a infector of COVID-19 and must to separate, today the medicine fraud of COVID-19 make by Cp China & HK CarrieLam Gov., to unveil the crime as in www.ycec.net/HK/YellowPeril.htm already clear no doubt, but still must have Biden power & WHO mean to kneel down to harmony with that only to troubled times in worldwide the focus at this too!

特別如強力騙民接種造假的COVID-19疫苗後死亡或病變驻院的香港市民已早超數百人, 林鄭政府就會叫出個所謂的醫學專家假稱有其他病態導致與疫苗無關!  而如已被騙打兩針COVID-19疫苗由外國來到香港或香港當地人入境仍會被“確診”被隔離, 林鄭政府更會馬上叫出個狗仔專家詐稱那是病毒已變種如N501Y, E484K, L452R, Delta Mu 以為就可免罪可繼續騙民穀針

   Unusual as at HK to force deceive people to inoculate fake "virus" of COVID-19 already to die or to be hospitalized those HK citizen already to early exceed 500 person, but CarrieLam Gov., only can to call a so-called medicine specialist to fake to state because who have other morbidity no relationship with the vaccine!  And already to shoot two vaccine of COVID-19 those foreign or HK local people enter still must if to "confirmed diagnosis" to close off, the CarrieLam Gov., still can at once call out a dog packs expert to arrogation the COVID-19 "virus" already to variety as N501Y, E484K, L452R, Delta or Mu etc. to suppose can't acquitted of permit continue deceive people to shoot vaccine!

不仅如此更亳無科學根据的 "病毒疫苗抗體" 須驗證如此毒辣希特勒百倍手段CE林鄭政府公佈在全球首先出场  

Not only as this, still more not have any science basis of "virus vaccine antibody" must to test and verify that to outstrip Hitler hundredfold of the sinister means also by HK CarrieLam Gov., at worldwide first to make public to come on the stage…

也如在疫苗中添加即如今的COVID-19 細菌包括繁殖由其留下的基因雜物統稱 病毒載體 如一旦入血均會立即被包裹為 血栓 固體質塊等待人體肝臟代謝解毒再經腎臟排泄, 人體臟功能決不會有區種類繁多的不同細菌基因病毒再產生不同基因 "抗體" 功能,難道現代醫學工程可測


Also as in the vaccine to additive as today’s germs of COVID-19 include by it’s breed to remain of DNA’s miscellaneous articles to be generally called the "virus carriers" if once into blood even at once can to bind up become a solid material of "thrombus" to wait body the liver to metabolism detoxify after again by kidney to excrete, but the internal organs of body certainly will not have function to differentiate those manifold kind not alike germs virus of DNA, is it possible that modern medicine engineering can to measure So that simply highly absurd!      

也難道已打COVID-19疫苗者其 臭口水及鼻腔 就無不同細菌入駐未死可由核酸確診

And is it possible that already to shot " COVID-19 vaccine" those who their smell ysaliva & nasal cavity” have not different kind’s germs into and not yet to die can to “nucleic acid diagnosis ?

如今COVID-19醫學騙局焦點也就在此!特別是 "肺部氣流防疫法" 如此簡單人人易用必用lzm的最新發明也早知全球各政界且由特朗普也於白宮面向媒體公佈如上陳述,即只要此"醫學奇跡"防疫法一用就可讓所有瘟疫永遠消失! 而最早知悉此天下無敵防疫法HKEO林鄭難道就可詐傻不教會市民拯救生命可缺德稱:"唔知呵,你都唔係我哋認可的專家" 以為就可否認在www.ycec.sg/HK/CarrieLam-hk.htmlzm的書面往來盡在的事實?

Therefore, nowadays medicine fraud of COVID-19 the focal point also at here!  Unusual is the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" of simple anyone can easy to use come from lzm’s latest invention also early to know all worldwide political circles, and as above the state already by President Trump to make public before medium to make public, even if provided let this “Prevention Law" of medicine miracle to use that just can let all pestilence to disappear forever!  But the most early to know this to be invincible throughout the world of this “Prevention Law" of that HKCE CarrieLam who just can to jactitation “I not to know, you not an expert to accept by our..." to feel just can to deny with lzm’s in writing contact at www.ycec.sg/HK/CarrieLam-hk.htm those all fact

因此, HKCE林鄭非比尋常騙民並強迫公眾非戴口罩及打疫苗就志在蠢蛋化所有香港市民及中華民族手段已遠超百多年前舊中國王朝的太後不惜鎖國"害民非淺志在所有華人做其奴才手段, 以及是否還在妄想做太後殺人無數且雙手血淋淋還不惜變種為最腐敗透頂的歷史罪人也就在此不可否認!

Therefore, the HKCE CarrieLam out of the ordinary to deceive people and force public must to wear gauze mask with shoot vaccine only aims for stupid all HK citizen with all Chinese who this trick already to far exceed Empress Dowager Cixi of before hundred years that old Chinese dynasty the same to aims for all Chinese to become her flunky means, and whether still to wishful thinking become an Empress Also for this reason already to kill innumerable HK citizen even dripping with blood at both hands but still not to stop the handStill more to variety of become a worldwide public enemy so already can not to deny at here


That One

a.  2018.7.16可見,暫不論lzm在深圳受神經毒氣侵害回港的驗血報告被扣的投訴事件,由於在香港HK1060833專利之洗肺醫療法仍在港被偷用為自己友不為市民公開,特別是對癌症打開活命大窗的冷凍醫療法無蹤影被屠的市民已早超30萬也在此信向CE林鄭展示本發明的論據及2003年早被成功應用報導為附件1., 且清楚告知只要一小實驗就可讓病毒疫苗破產只是一劑有害無益可暗中下毒蠢蛋奴才國民的愚民工具而已

  On the letter of 2018.7.16 visible, that temporary no to discuss lzm at ShenZhen City to incur inroads by nerve gas so must go back HK to blood  test of the report to detain the complain case, because lzms wash-lungtreatment of HK1060833 still to stealthily use in HKs medicine department only for their friends and not to open use for citizen, especially is aim cancer patient to open a big window of life that the “freezing” treatment still nil a trace so in HK to kill the cancer citizen already to exceed 300,000 and also in this letter to reveal the invent logic with already success use to report on 2003year by attachments 1. to inform HKCE CarrieLam, and to clear inform only if by a small experiment just can let the “virus vaccine” to bankruptcy because vaccine only is a harmful profitless can in the dark to poison only for a fool tool will to stupid or flunky national that nothing more!

b.  CE林鄭只會回信告知已交食物及衛生局但不見回復仍繼續在騙民打疫苗!lzm只好於2018.7.30再去信催促林鄭務必要將洗肺冷凍 兩醫療法公開拯救更多生命不得再拖延食衛局仍拒複只由衛生署長玩遊戲草認收後就再無蹤可查!

     But the HKCE CarrieLam only can to write back inform already hand to Food and Health Bureau to handle, but who have no reply and still continue to deceive HK citizen to shoot vaccine!  So lzm cannot but again a letter on 2018.7.30 to press for HKCE CarrieLam must let wash-lung” & freezing” two treatment open to save more life cannot again to delay!   But Food and Health Bureau still to refuse reply and only by Health Director to play game admit received and after nil tracks can to examine!

c.  因此,lzm只好於2018.9.10去信鄭若驊政司長要求刑事檢控如上不公開洗肺冷凍兩醫療法官員更繼續騙民打亳無科學根據的病毒疫苗只為毒害市民的法律責任,及將2017.8.25給港大校董國章主席及如上給CE林鄭信附件為證,但鄭若驊司長仍以 並無調查案件職能 及只為 政府提供法律服務 兩違規的荒謬藉口拒絕刑事檢控可 見!

   Therefore, lzm cannot but must by a letter on Sept., 10, 2018 send to Ms. TeresaCheng Secretary for Justice requisition  to criminal indictment above not to open wash-lung” & freezing two treatment use for public those official and still continue to deceive citizen to shoot have not any science base of the “virus vaccine” only for to poison citizen the law duty, and attachments on Aug., 25, 2017 to HKU’s Court & Chairman of the Council Mr. Li Kwok-cheung with above to HKCE CarrieLam two letter to testify, but the Ms. TeresaCheng still by “have not function to investigate” and to tell who only for “Gov. to supply the law service” as this two violate discipline that absurd pretext to refuse to criminal prosecution at  visible!

d.  lzm只好再於2018.9.19去信駁斥鄭若驊司長並要求轉交刑事檢控科處理也附件CE林鄭,刑事檢控科也回信告知已在跟進!

   So lzm also to be forced to again on Sep., 19, 2018 by a letter to refute Ms. TeresaCheng Director and request to pass on to handle by accusation offices and same time by attach send to HKCE CarrieLam, and after the accusation offices also have to reply at inform already to follow-up!

e.  可惜的是, 全港媒體已完全變種仍在非法操控下只會lzm發明不存在為衛生署以疫苗可提高所謂的病毒抗體哄騙市民毒打流感疫苗,lzm只好再於2018.10.232018.11.13去信鄭若驊告知連菲律賓杜特爾特總統知癌症有特效的 冷凍 醫療法被隱瞒, 以及 洗肺冷凍 两醫療法也在如已尽知天下,因此,衛生署及食衛局只為隱瞞不惜公開屠殺市民的表證也进一步在此成立! 

But regrettable is, because all medium of HK already to mutation still by illegal to control only can to serve for Dep. of Health to as before equal lzms invention no being only by the vaccine can to lift so-called virus antibody” again to cheat citizen to shoot vaccine, so lzm must on Oct., 23, 2018 at & on Nov., 13, 2018 again a letter to Ms. TeresaCheng Director and attach to CarrieLam to inform include Ph president Duterte already to know to be aimed at cancer to have special efficacy that just is lzms other invention of “freezing” treatment the same to conceal, and wash-lung” & freezing” two treatment also as at  to fully known the world already, therefore, the Dep. of Health with Food and Health Bureau only for conceal so not to hesitate to open butcher citizen of the surface proof already further to set up!  

f.  但如上d. 已告知跟進中的刑事檢控科又於2019.1.03反口告知如c.鄭若驊司長兩違規的荒謬藉口拒絕刑事檢控的回复告知  其後,lzm只好再於2019.1.10去信刑事檢控科駁斥並限期2019.1.14日前務必回復並也附件CE林鄭均無認收回复! lzm更於2019.10.12日再去信刑事檢控辦梁卓然資深大律師也全無結果,就因鄭若驊司長違法阻止立案且全在CE林鄭的控制中,梁卓然資深大律師也因此怒而要辭職有見報導也由此而来! 

  Also to same as above d. that inform lzm already to follow-up of the Prosecutions Division again on Jan., 03, 2019 to turn over the mouth as above c. those two violate discipline that absurd pretext to refuse to criminal prosecution reply lzm by Ms. TeresaCheng Director!  And after, lzm also cannot but must on Jan., 10, 2019 again by a letter to Prosecutions Division to refute and term before Jan., 14, 2019 must to reply and annex fax to EC CarrieLam the same have not any reply!   Lzm also still again a letter to the Senior Counsel Mr David Leung of Prosecutions Division on Oct., 12, 2019 and who have admit received on Oct., 17, 2019, but after have not a result too, because to illegal keep from by Ms. TeresaCheng Director and fully control by CE CarrieLam, so after because by this to anger must resignation of Senior Counsel Mr David Leung that have a news can to see from this come to!   

g.    由于郑若骅司长的违规已常态lzm最後只好於2019.10.04直接去信盧偉聰警務處長遞交報案申請, lzm也應官塘警務處之請前往認簽,2019.10.07也去信CE林鄭告知本報案的人命關天陳肇始6大衛生官 員如14天內書面回答不了就應立即逮捕起訴!但盧偉聰處長馬上被CE林郑30天內撤职鄧炳強為處長並馬上被安排上京見中國公安部長被密語施壓後也就音信全無   

   Because above the Ms. TeresaCheng Director to be against regulations already normality, in the end, lzm also to be forced to direct by a letter  to Lo Wai-chung Commissioner of Police to render an apply to report a case on Oct., 04, 2019, and after lzm by Kwun Tong police station to request to sign the documents of report case, and still on Oct., 07, 2019 again by a letter to CE CarrieLam direct to inform this report case to human life related to Heaven, if the Sophia CHAN etc. six big hygiene official cannot in writing to reply in 14days that just must at once to arrest to prosecution!  But the Lo Wai-chung Commissioner at once by CE CarrieLam to dismiss somebody from office in 30days and let Tang Ping-keung to do Commissioner moreover at once arrange to visit Beijing after by Minister of Public Security of China to secret discussion to show severity after this report case all messages not find too!


Conclusion One

因此, 如上a.-g.的書信往來盡在 www.ycec.sg/HK/CarrieLam-hk.htm 不可否認!  

Therefore, as above a.-g. those letters to come and go all at www.ycec.sg/HK/CarrieLam-hk.htm cannot to deny!

難道已殺人無數、且雙手血淋淋的CE林鄭還可詐稱不知 洗肺冷凍 兩醫療法何在? 以為就可免除繼續隱瞞謀殺公眾就可繼續騙民打亳無科學根據的病毒疫苗只為蠢蛋化市民惡毒心態法律責任

Is it possible already to kill person innumerable and both hands to dripping with blood that CE CarrieLam still can to arrogation not to know the wash-lung” & freezing two treatment where? And to suppose just can to avoid continue to conceal to murder public that just can proceed to deceive civilian as before to shoot have not any science basis of the “virus vaccine” only for to stupid all citizen that vicious mentality of the law duty?



 That two,

        由於如上的刑事檢控要求正式報案處理全被違法阻止立案才可讓陳肇始6大衛生官員逍遙法外繼續騙民打疫苗企圖蠢蛋化市民 lzm也只好CE林鄭上京述職前的2019.12.12日再去信可見, 就由隱瞞洗肺冷凍兩醫療法在港被屠殺的市民早超 30 萬、而被屠殺的國內民眾更在 4仟萬人以上,因此要求林鄭有天責將如上給中聯辦王志民主仼兩信列印面交總理李克強及主席習近平各一份立即處理,否則,歷史罪人的轉拆點均已到此為止!

            Due to above the requisition of criminal indictment with formal to report a case in Police to keep from so only can led Sophia CHAN etc. six big hygiene official to go scot-free again to deceive citizen to shoot “virus vaccine” only attempt stupid citizen, so lzm only cannot but before HKCE CarrieLam go to Beijing to report on official work to go a letter on December 12, 2019 visible, because to conceal wash-lung” & freezing” two treatment in HK to butchered citizen already early to exceed 300, 000 and in internal public to butchered still to exceed 40 ,000,000 persons, so lzm to ask CE CarrieLam have God duty to be ready lzm to LOCPG Mr. Wang Zhi-Man Director two letter at  &  to print after face to hand over Li Ke-Qiang premier with Xi Jin-Ping Chairman each one copy at once to handle, if not, the turn to apart focus of history sinner it will to expire!

        由於港亂四起而EO林鄭偏不處理lzm也更2019.12.31去信述職回港EO林鄭告知如還不將洗肺冷凍 兩大醫療法公開繼續屠殺市民,這將是最無恥的歷史罪過!   且也有圖為證告知:【當一16 歲男孩於旺角高處墮下昏迷急救中時,也在警方速龍(小隊)面前:『就有一軍裝色人馬伸手用力轉動及插出在旁牆邊的白膠銅喉水管轉身繼續痛打該昏迷急救中的16 歲男孩!』已令人可怕至極也!】等等才會激發港青學生的憤怒挖地磚扔磚手握雷射筆參與非批准集會也始於此, 更如2020.1.10的去信政司刑控卓然專員及附件鄭若驊司長中無疑,但林鄭同意成立的獨立調查委員會只會等候警監會報告同樣令年青學生的憤怒進一步升級!

       Because chaos in HK around but CE CarrieLam biased not to handle, so lzm also again a letter on Dec., 31, 2019 send to just go back HK the CE CarrieLam to inform if still not let wash-lung” & freezing” two treatment to open and continue to butcher citizen this will is the most shameless history crime!   And have picture to testify inform:【then a 16years boy at Mongkok a high-rise to fall coma in first aid, but before special tactical squad of police:『just have one military garb person reached to turn around with pull out at footing of wall a water pipe of white glue copper after to turn about continue to beat soundly that in a coma first aid of 16years boy! that already amazing fearful until extreme! and so on only can to arouse HK youth student to anger to dig land brick to throw brick and by hand to grip laser pen to partake in not to ratify a meeting also start this, still as  letter to Prosecutions Division Mr David Leung commissioner with affix to Ms. TeresaCheng Director undoubtedly on Jan., 10, 2020, but by CE CarrieLam agree to establish of the independence examine committee only be good at to wait a report by Independent Police Complaints Council the same to cause youth students anger further to upgrade!

      但自CE林鄭促認國安法並為國安委主席後還可指定聆訊法官有損司法獨立但仍一意孤行, 因此首宗《港區國安法》案件只認同「光時」口號的唐英傑被判囚9, 大律師的議員梁美芬則竟也可反骨形容「光時」口號含有分裂國家及香港獨立的意思,能夠煽惑他人分裂國家已突顯香港的司法獨立已無須真憑實據只須依靠意念評估就可入罪令香港回到70年前內陸反右文革年代!

         It also since by CE CarrieLams autarchy to promote the National Security Law” and self-appointed National Security committee chairman after still can to appoint trial judge to acute impair judicature independence but who still to act willfully, so the head case ofdockland National Security Lawthat only to identificationlight timea slogan of the Tong Ying Kit at this point to judge imprison 9years, but the Leung Mei Fun & Tong Ka-wah two lawyer councilor unexpectedly can freak to describe thelight timea slogan to contain disunite nation & HKs autonomy that meaning, and it may be to incite another person to disunite country that already to jut show HKs judicature fair to be out!  Therefore, already need not hard evidence only by an idea to estimate just can to in disorder to sentence convict to lead to today’s HK already come back to before 70years in inland against rightist & the Cultural Revolution an era!

   以及可公開出售購買的雷射筆也可被裁定管有攻擊性武器罪成也有報導可見!  難道CE林鄭鄭若驊司長刻意阻止將洗肺冷凍兩大醫療法公開繼續屠殺市民的不也公開觸犯國安法245還可否認?

   As well as that can open to sale of the laser pen also can to decide by take over the “offensive weapons” so must culpable to punishment also had news visible!   But is it possible that CE CarrieLam & Ms. TeresaCheng Director painstakingly to hold backed not let wash-lung” & freezing” two treatment to open use and continue to butchered citizen that no too open only is to violating of theNational Security LawO. 24(5) still can to deny?


           However about theNational Security Lawwhether by civil law just can to overturn by common law for the judge principles the same to lead to that HK’s judicature basis of separation of the three powers not to keep that I'll talk about it later! 

           現回歸始於CE林鄭蓄意起動造假武漢瘟疫突發來龍去脈的 真相主題:

     Now return to beginning by CE CarrieLam designedly to start fake "Wuhan Plague" to rushed out that cause and effect of fact subject

a.      首先去信政司刑控卓然專員 lzm2020.1.14去信律师会彭韵僖會長第2頁中就開始揭露CE林鄭強調已取得武漢肺炎的基因排序起動防疫的造假新聞就志在繼續隱瞞洗肺冷凍兩醫療法殺民不停手、及騙民狂打流感疫苗非蠢蛋化市民不可的林鄭目的也在此原形畢露!此信也傳真136  大律師及930間律師辦事處力促為民申張正義均有記錄在案, 顯然有所出聲, 但其後的CE林鄭惡搞大律師公會公開現身TV插手律師會內選必也由此而來

       First at again a letter to above Mr David Leung commissioner with lzm other a letter on Jan., 14, 2020 to Law Society Melissa Kaye Pang president of in second page to start exposed by EC CarrieLam to stress already to obtain the gene sort of WuHan pneumonia to start “epidemic prevention” the false news that just aims for continue to conceal wash-lung” & freezing” two treatment to kill public not to stop the hand with cheat citizen to shoot flu vaccine not to fool all citizen inalienable that EC CarrieLams purpose in here to reveal the true nature!  And this two letters also fax to 136 pieces Barrister & 930 pieces Lawyer agency to urge must to uphold justice for citizen equal have record at visible to obvious have some to effort, so after the EC CarrieLam devilment to Bar Association with open to shown in TV to intervene inside elect of Law Society that necessarily by this come to!

b.      2020.1.15去信2頁中可見lzm 就要求立法會梁君彥主席該帶領眾議員前往猩或猴群集居地觀看再叫醫生或專家拜猩猴為師,只要學會用手拍拍左右肺部再咳嗽幾聲就可趕跑入肺細菌、又何來肺炎?也即猩或猴群都懂的"肺部氣流防疫法"也就首先在揭竿而出

          Also at on Jan., 15, 2020 the letter’s second page visible, lzm to be on the point of the HK Legislative Council Leung Kwan-yuen chair must lead all Member of Parliament to orangutan or monkey’s throng live land to watch again to call doctor or specialist to worship orangutan-monkey for a teacher, only if to learn by hand to hit lightly the left and right lung again to cough some voice that just can to expel enter lung the germs, and after the pneumonia where can to come?  It also just is the orangutan or monkey group all already to understand of the "Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" also on this first to start a revolution!

c.     但也就由CE林鄭主導造假的武漢肺炎防疫手段另有圖謀明顯lzm就被迫於2020.1.28去信港大張翔校長首先告知激發港青學生的憤怒挖地磚扔磚手握雷射筆之基因就在如上去信CE林鄭均有剪圖為證警匪難分的事實更告知也就因lzm洗肺醫療法發明2003.5.15傳真給董建華辦公室及中國政府後2003年的非典危機才可馬上解除, 也因此,"肺部氣流防疫法" 也就在此去信港大校長中正式出版,且也如同去信全港其餘8大專學院副件所有立法會議員136大律行包括930律師行包括電郵給大部分師生以及港臺政府部門及媒體均在www.ycec.sg/HK/CarrieLam-hk.htm 林鄭主頁中有記錄可見證史冊, 也即任何官員還要上TV恥談武漢肺炎防疫手段再戴口罩及打疫苗也就連狗都不如

       But also because by EC CarrieLam to leading the “epidemic prevention” means of WuHan COVID-19 to make some of other plot clear, so lzm to be compelled must to Xiang Zhang President of HKU a letter on Jan., 28, 2020 to first inform to arouse HK youth students anger to dig land brick to throw brick and by hand to grip laser pen that gene just at above to CE CarrieLam in letter that have police or bandit difficult to discriminate it can by cut picture for proof the fact!  And still inform also because have lzms wash-lung treatment invention fax to Tung Chee-hwa CE office with China Gov., on May 15, 2003 after the SARS crisis only at once can to lift, also hence, the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" too at this point in to HKU this letter to formal to publish, and as well letter to HK other eight junior college with copy fax to all Member of Parliament, 136 pieces Barrister & 930 pieces Lawyer agency include email to school mostly teachers and students, Gov., Dep., with medium of HK or TW those record at CarrieLam main page of www.ycec.sg/HK/CarrieLam-hk.htm visible fact it will to witness in annals, it also if any official again at TV  shame to talk the prevention means of "COVID-19" and again to wear mask with to shot vaccine that just not equal to a dog too!

d.      也由於CE林鄭恥談 武漢肺炎另有圖謀不停手,lzm2020.3.05日要去信張建宗政務司司長更告知:『口液或鼻屎中細菌或病毒 仍為 體外 之物豈可用於確診 體內 病態?這正是當今國際醫學騙局且發狂到 病毒 這死物可 人傳人 實為侵犯人權之最大惡行!』…, 且明確告知 隔離令 違反5998.(5)緊急事態之規定已鐵證如山務必要立即解除! lzm回港『隨時被隔離謀殺 』之圖謀明顯,因此要求根據《檢疫規例》4., 批准豁免, 但政務司政務主任回復已交有關部門跟進後也再無下文,lzm只得再於2020.3.30去信張建宗司長告知許樹昌及中大醫學院長陳家亮兩大醫學怪獸又再將確診 雜技提升到熟睡後的臭口水及驗人糞便、尿的垃圾雜技也可出埸!以及將無症狀者也要強行隔離令全港經濟嚴重受損,更告知口罩有害健康及防疫力有限, 也見政務辦主任有複,同樣無下文!

         Because EC CarrieLam shame to talk COVID-19 had other sinister plot not stopping hand, so lzm must by a letter on March 05, 2020 to Cheung Kin-chung Chief Secretary to clear inform: "in Saliva or nostril excrement those germs or virus" still the “ectoparasite”, then how can use to "confirmed diagnosis" to “internal” the morbidity?  This just is today’s international medical fraud and crazy to "virus" this dead still can contagion from "person to person" in fact is to infringe human rights the maximum!..., and clear inform the “Isolation Order” to violate the Cap. 599 O.8Public health emergency regulationr.(5)emergency situation” the order already irrefutable so must at once to lift!   And inform if lzm go back HK willrandom by separate to murderthat plot obvious, so ask basisQuarantine RegulationO.4 to approve remit, but Cheung Kin-chung by a director to reply already hand over relation dep., to handle after again had not outcome!  So lzm can only again a letter to Cheung Kin-chung on March 30, 2020 to inform the SC Hui with CUHK’s dean Chan Ka-leung this two medicine monster still again let “identify diagnosis” acrobatics to promoted reach deeply asleep after the smelly spit and to check human excrement that rubbish acrobatics also can to come on the stage!  As well as order nil a symptom who to force quarantine to lead HKs economical acute damage, and still to inform to wear mask harmful health with the prevention force finite, it also had a reply but after the same had not outcome!

e.      Lzm同樣也於2020.3.07去信廉署白韞六專員舊話重提在前的投訴未處理外、更也告知上訴法庭何志賢常務官來信造假已結案的CACV 589/2018將於 2020.3.11714宣讀判詞, 企圖以此誘惑lzm回港就可隨時被隔離謀殺 』令CE林鄭圖謀其一明顯!   Lzm也因此附件如 d.張建宗司長信告知造假確診手段 已令全港無端廣受其害的醫學騙局要求白韞六專員務必全面介入調查更已責無旁貸,  及並吿知應帶頭引領各政府職工根本無須再戴口罩被愚弄…, 也仍無下文

        Lzm the same also by a letter to ICAC Commissioner Peh Yun-lu on March 07, 2020 still repetition of the old tale after and still inform had an letter come from Appeal Court HO Chi-yin Registrar to make fake already to wind up a case of CACV 589/2018 it will be 7/F., 14law court to read out the court verdict on March 07, 2020, that only attempt this to lure if lzm go back HK just canat will by quarantine to murderthis CE CarrieLam’s brewing that one already clear!      Therefore, lzm also must enclosure above d. to CSA Cheung Kin-chung letter to inform fake "confirmed diagnosis" trick already lead in HK groundless to be cursed with this medicine fraud so ask Commissioner Peh Yun-lu must fully to step in investigate even more to be duty-bound already, and inform must to take the lead every government staff and workers basic need not wear mask to make a fool of . . ., but still have no the words that follow!

f.        也就因CE林鄭的獨裁心態進一步惡化,由其指定剛新仼的公務員事局長聶德權TV 馬上聲稱要強化管治要求公務員在就職務必要宣誓效忠特首是否也令如上的張建宗司長及白韞六專員手足無措不敢公正處理? Lzm也因此要於2020.3.08可見的三大主題再次傳遍全港各大專院校, 也更於2020.3.10去信立法會梁君彥主席同樣告知如上林鄭窩亂全港令政府顏臉盡失的事實, 以及提醒理當帶頭讓各議員根本無須再戴口罩 才可免被愚弄…, 也同樣無下文!

            Because EC CarrieLams autarchy mentality further to worsen, so by who to appoint the Secretary for the Civil Service Nip Tak-kuen director at once at TV to profess because wish to strengthen govern so all public official at inauguration swear must to fealty Chief Executive that yes or no at once let above the CSA Cheung Kin-chung with Commissioner Peh Yun-lu to tetany afraid to justice handle?    So lzm must on March 08, 2020 after by  visible those three big theme again send out to HKs each Uni. & college, and again a letter to President Leung Kwan-yuen of the Legislative Council on March 10, 2020 the same to inform above EC CarrieLam illegal to bane HK already lead HK Gov., the face is lost to the limit a fact, as well as to remind ought to take the lead allow each councilor ultimate need not again to wear gauze mask only can exempt to accept make a fool of. . . , but the same have no the words that follow!

g.      由於林鄭政府已將 確診 垃圾手段及 隔離令、口罩令 政治妖魔化且首先起動作弄部門lzm只得再於2020.4.10日要去信去信警務處長吿知只要教會 肺部氣流防疫法載口罩就不會再有人受害, 以及只要在先 吞曬口水及清曬鼻屎就可讓 確診 造假手段滾蛋、以衛生局再胡鬧糾纏lzm也更於2020.5.15日要再去信立法會梁君彥主席告知顛倒醫學倫理 確診 手段違規所犯的《刑事罪行條例》何在  載口罩正如一謀殺陷阱等等反駁不了的事實根據在立法會面前無疑! 梁君彥主席只會找不當的藉口不處理已害民不淺及令香港的司法基礎不存之惡果由可見證史冊

             Because EC CarrieLam already to get COVID-19 that rubbish means of "identify diagnosis" with "quarantine & gauze mask order" to politics demonized and first to start to tease Police Dept., so lzm can only again by a letter to Commissioner of Police on April 10, 2020 to inform if only teaching the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to use and no to wear mask that just will not again have policeman to be cursed with, and if only beforehand "swallow saliva & purge snot" that just can let the "identify diagnosis" fake means to get awaylest by bureau of public health to monkey about to pester!  Lzm still again a letter  to President Leung Kwan-yuen of Legislative Council on May 15, 2020 to inform to overturn medicine ethics that the "identify diagnosis" means to violate of theCrimes Ordinanceat where…and to wear gauze mask just is a murder trap etc. equal cannot to retort that fact base already before at Legislative Council to show undoubtedly!  But the Leung Kwan-yuen only can to look for a unsuitable loanword not to handle already to do people great harm and lead HKs justice basis not to keep this ill effects at  can to witness annals

h.      果然在20205月最後4天就有3警猝死, lzm又要於2020.6.02再去信鄧炳強警長清楚告知這正是載口罩缺氧成慣性累積下的惡果…, 且該讓 肺部氣流防疫法 每天3次以上為健身慣性令肺活量升高不缺氧以免再有警員猝死, 而其後也就再無警員猝死事件見報

         Just as expected on May last 4days of 2020 at above this mask point had three policeman to sudden death, so lzm again by a letter to Tang Ping-keung Commissioner of Police on June 02, 2020 to clear inform this die case just is wear gauze mask to anaerobic become a inertia after to accumulate of the ill effects…, even shall be the “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to use for a fitness inertia to over three times in a day that just can let the lung capacity to go up not again to anaerobic respiration lest again have policeman to sudden death, so after have not this case again at news!

i.      也就因CE林鄭蓄意造假的武漢瘟疫暗藏三大陰險企圖,儘管明知肺部氣流防疫法才是任何瘟疫永世滾蛋的最實用發明,也就不廣吿市民相反繼續害民殺民不停手!  lzm只得於2020.6.03去信立法會梁君彥及各議員告知造假確診手段不僅觸犯了Cap.200刑事罪行條例》及《香港人權法案條例》連基本法第28也包括 不得觸犯!且隔離令為立法會立法有錯在先,理當依A501立法議事規則質詢食物衛生局衛生署, 否則等如合夥屠殺公眾生命疑犯?  但梁君彥只會再叫秘書長如前藉口不處理以為就可無罪 就因梁君彥及各議員仍傻瓜瓜如常繼續戴口罩TV配合EO林鄭騙民謀害公眾! lzm更只得最後再於2020.6.13日去信 梁君彥列舉六封去信的請求無一處理立法會犯罪的5大罪狀! 以及警告如繼續戴口罩誤導市民的政治化議員也該人人拿出百萬賠償死者家屬...,但梁君彥也就此不回復讓EO林鄭才可繼續騙民害民不停手

       It because EC CarrieLam designedly to start fake "Wuhan Plague" to hide three big sinister attempt, so though already to fully aware “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" only is all plague can to forever get away of the most practical invention, but who not to advertisement for citizen counter to cause infinite harm to people still no to stop the hand!    So lzm can only again by a letter to Leung Kwan-yuen of Legislative Council with each MP on June 03, 2020 to inform that to fake “identify diagnosis” means not only to offend the Cap. 200 Crimes Ordinance & Cap. 383 HK Bill of Rights Ordinance and include Article 28 of Basic Law!   And inform because "quarantine & gauze mask order" to legislate by legislative Council to had faults in the past, so must at once to obey the rules of debate of A510 to interpellation the Food and Health Bureau with Bureau with Dept., of Health, otherwise equate to be in partnership to butcher public life as a criminal suspect But Leung Kwan-yuen only can again to call out the G.S.  as before  by a pretext not to handle to feel can to acquitted!   It because the Leung Kwan-yuen & each MP still as a fool to wear mask at TV to tie in EC CarrieLam to deceive with injure public!    So lzm can only again in the end go a letter to Leung Kwan-yuen on June 13, 2020 to list before six letters those ask no one to handle by who that five big crime at where!  As will as to warning if again to wear mask to mislead citizen those politics MP also ought take out one million to indemnify the bereaved..., but the Leung Kwan-yuen at this point no reply only can allow EC CarrieLam proceed to deceiving and harming all citizen not to stop the hand!

j.       也因如上的林鄭政府架構已面目全非,  lzm只得再於2020.6.16日去信楊潤雄局長警告不得把學生趕入口罩謀殺陷阱,  也副件給會秘書處、各議員、CE林鄭及電郵各大中小學, 更多醫學騙局的細節盡在 www.ycec.sg/HK/YellowPeril.htm 但也必在公務事局長聶德權務必效忠特首恐嚇下的楊潤雄局長也要妄從聽令打工傻仔諒也由此而來!   

Due to above each frame of EC CarrieLam Gov., the face already to fully ash, so lzm can only again a letter to Mr.Yeung Yun-hung Secretary for Education on June 16, 2020 to warning cannot to hold student hurry into the murder trap of wear gauze mask, and at once annex fax to each MPEC CarrieLam & email to each school of HK etc., still more above details of COVID-19 medicine fraud at www.ycec.sg/HK/YellowPeril.htm  , but too necessarily to threaten by CSB Secretary Nip Tak-kuen must to fealty HKCE, so the Yeung Yun-hung too must kneel down obedience as a jobber fool boy that expect from this come to yet!

k.      也由於如上的傳真書信均真名实姓有電話可讓不明者可回電查明, 如 lzm852-3618-7808網路電話 在 99年全球追eGate 專利債早被 HKCE出動通信事務局將來電轉錄音不可直通,以及向中移香港買下的6572-0195 手機也自20204月被馬上停用並出售他人壞事幹盡如向通訊局的投訴也沒用,就因全在CE林鄭的暗控下,細節也盡在 www.ycec.net/HK/OFCA.htm or ycec.sg 的總監梁仲賢早也要妄從聽令如一打工傻仔 lzm也因此要於2021.1.23日再向CE林鄭的策略顧問成員的通訊事務局譚允芝主席投訴進一步告知:由去年6月起的彭麗媛習近平快分手在誘惑誰有機會可當習皇后均有見報』,即是否EC林鄭的心態已變才有國安法立案? 

        It because above all letters equal a real name and have phone can let not clear to call back, but lzms 852-3618-7808 of network phone because as on 1999year in global to dun for eGate patent debt early by HKCE to call out Communications Authority let incoming phone to turn tape so cannot use, and after lzm other a 6572-0195 mobile phone of CMHK the same on April of 2020 to stop use & sale other person to do every evil etc., so as complain to OFCA also useless, that because all fully in secretly manipulate at EC CarrieLams hand, the details at www.ycec.net/HK/OFCA.htm or ycec.sg that the Chaucer Leung director the same must kneel down obedience EC CarrieLam as a jobber fool boy!    So lzm must by a letter to EC CarrieLams tactic adviser with OFCA Ms TAM Wan-chi chairman on Jan., 23, 2021 to complain and further inform:…on the news visible, cause on last year June then the Peng Liyuan with Xi Jinping will be quick to parting that to lure whom have a chance to equal Xi empress.  Then whether the EC CarrieLams state of mind already to change only have “National Security Law” to be legally registered  

       此信特別重要在 www.ycec.sg/HK/210123.htm 可見,lzm已清楚吿知如上由EC林鄭蓄意起動造假的武漢瘟疫醫學騙局只須兩句話就可輕昜破解只志在lzm由深圳回港務必要被隔離才可方便謀殺EC林鄭罪惡企圖其一 

       So this letter was very important on www.ycec.sg/HK/210123.htm visible, lzm already clear to inform above by EC CarrieLam to designedly start fake of the "Wuhan Plague" medicine fraud only need two sentence just can easy to eradicate that only aims for if lzm from Shen Zhen City go back HK must to quarantine only can convenient to murder just is EC CarrieLams evil attempt that one


          Unusual is Yuan GuoyongSC Hui etc. so-called medical experts still cannot to deny of the "virus vaccine" to make fake and all nil science base that only aims for continue to conceal lzms “wash lung” & "freezing" two treatment invention only can convenient again to deceive people to shoot vaccine only for stupidenslave citizen too just is EC CarrieLams evil attempt that two

       更特別是否認不了實用價值天下無敵的 肺部氣流防疫法 lzm 最新發明也不介紹給市民救生,卻反要騙民戴口罩也志在不被穀針也可逐步蠢蛋化市民更無疑EC林鄭罪惡企圖其三!

       And still more unusual is cannot to deny that practical merit to be invincible throughout the world of the lzms latest invent of “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" also not to introduce for citizen to lifesaving, but contrary still must to deceive people must to wear gauze mask too aims for if not to shoot vaccine by fraud who also can gradually to become a stupid citizen it even more undoubtedly is EC CarrieLams evil attempt that three


        Is it possible that cannot to contradict above EC CarrieLam’s threes big abnormal evil attempts that still also is a Special Judge the status of OFCA Ms TAM Wan-chi chairman who can to arrogation unknown just can to get rid of the law as a jobber silly girls

l.      也從可見lzm3618-7808網路電話於2021.5.22日在通訊事務局暗控下全不可用,lzm也只好要由2021.5.252021.6.16日止傳真給全港近1200間中、小學如 www.ycec.sg/HK/210615a.pdf (ora-z & za-zz) 及轉不同的日期數字代號均可見告知:『特首林鄭及貴楊潤雄局長明知有肺部氣流防疫法可用也非下令載口罩及穀針虛假疫苗,是否非法公開謀殺謀害公眾不可已鐵案如山?』,且也提醒:『天主教及貴教職有天責去電貭問袁國勇許樹昌,如此簡單的防疫法亦冇本事發明為何還不將肺部氣流防疫法介召市民拯救生命?是人或畜生更值公論!難怪月娥在前有史最黑!』,更也告知:『全港被造假確診後所有的經濟損失者包括違規犯法口罩令缺氧必會病患高山症的學生等人人均可從本去梁君彥立法主席包括楊潤雄局長等各官方信 件均無人可反駁勝訴超然均可下載列印出庭為證提出百萬以上賠償! 』。

        Also at visible lzm’s 852-3618-7808 of network phone on May 22, 2020 after cant to call out in secret handle by OFCA, so lzm cannot but must to change by fax send to in HK nearly 1200 middleprimary schools on as www.ycec.sg/HK/210615a.pdf (or turn to a-z & za-zz) with turn to 2021.5.25-2021.06.16 that not alike numeral code of date for IP address visible to inform:EC CLam with your Yeung Yun-hung director to be fully aware have  “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" usable but still to order must to wear gauze mask with shoot false vaccine, that yes or not illegal open to murder with plot to injure public cannot already to borne out by ironclad evidence?』, as well to remind:Catholicism with your teacher have sky-duty to call Yuan GuoyongSC Hui, as this simple Prevention Law too not abilities to invent why still not to let “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" to introduce citizen to save lifeWho are people or a brute still more have worth to opinion of the public!  So no wonder current Yuet-Ngor throughout history the most to black!, and still again to inform:All in HK by fake “identify diagnosis” after all the pecuniary loss those citizens include under illegal “gauze mask order" those anaerobic respiration necessarily can to illness for mountain sickness all students or kids etc. everyone equal can from  to President Leung Kwan-yuen of Legislative Council include  to Yeung Yun-hung Secretary for Education etc. each official letters those same unmanned can to retort detached and equal can download to copy after to appear in court to do a testimony to bring up exceed a million the indemnification!.

        因此,也顯然必有不少全港中、小學均有要求教協大律師公會出面提交貭詢已令楊潤雄教育局長面目全非並可要求賠償!   也必有去電 如d.早知確診造假手段載口罩害人不淺早被lzm逼得口啞啞張建宗司長只好於2021.6.20在其網誌表示要放寬社交距離措施並將儘快公佈詳情後必也刺中CE林鄭蛾喉,因此不用5便可突然通知國務院由其提名由李家超替為政務司長,難怪張建宗馬上在TV尚有半年合約任期且健康從無病假也可不用事先知會即可馬上開除突顯已被EO林鄭當小肥豬想殺就殺, 且更可馬上教唆內地官媒新華社及《人民日報》2021.7.31日並無過錯根據只以一面之詞起動必須剷除『教協』這果毒瘤見只為滿足CE林鄭心願才可輕易叫楊潤雄下跪馬上終止關係、以為就可不必書面教協為如上全港各校盡知載口罩令穀針只會蠢蛋化師生妖蛾手段移交的投訴個案以為就可免罪被起訴

     Therefore, too obvious have some of HKs school have to requests HKPTU & HK Bar Association to come forward interpellation already lead Yeung Yun-hung Secretary for Education to everything's changed beyond recognition and can to claims indemnify!   Also certainty have to call as above d. already to know the fake means of “identify diagnosis” with to wear gauze mask to do people great harm that early by lzm to call after lisp that Cheung Kin-chung Chief Secretary for Administration cannot but on June 20, 2021 at his web log to show will to loosen social contact gap measures and will as soon as possible to announce the details after also to prick in moth throat of EC CLam, so need not five days just can at once inform by State Council of China to nominate come from EC CLam by Lee Ka-chiu to substitute for, no wonder the Cheung Kin-chung at once at TV to complain who still have six months contract term of office and health since have not a sick leave, it just is the EC CLam can need not to prior inform just can at once to expel to regard as a small fat pig to kill if who want! And after still can at once to abet in inland an official newspaper of the Xinhua News Agency &People's Dailyon July 31, 2021 only one-sided statements but have not a fault basis to start must to root outHKPTUthis a malignant tumor by visible that only to satisfy EC Lam’s dream only can easily to call Yeung Yun-hung to kneel down at once to stop relation that just need not to in writing reply byHKPTUfor above HK schools already totally to clear to wear mask & shoot vaccine only can to stupid teach with students that evil moth means to hand over of before complain case to suppose that just can to be acquitted of by prosecution!

      儘管教協否認之前有過錯可言,也如去信CE林鄭之有圖為證的警匪不分等六大事件均不處理才會令學生憤怒挖磚扔磚對抗,難道教協無責為不幸的學生及被捕教師的要求問責 反而 也被大公、文匯等中媒同樣不問毒瘤根據何在只會刻意抹黑, 教協只得於2021.8.10日宣佈解散 以及更可叫出早已是非不分的港媒如星島日報龍七公老妖八道 Delta變種病毒騙民加辣谷針有理力助妖蛾蠢蛋化所有師生及全港市民不可突顯林鄭禍心不變一國兩制徹底不存

       And though theHKPTUalready to deny before have blamable can to say, too as the letter have pictures for proved so lead the police or robber not to recognize etc. six big cases but EC CLam equal no to handle so only can to lead students anger to dig brick after to throw brick to resist, is it possible that HKPTU without the duty for unlucky student & to be captured teacher to ask duty?  On the contrary by TakungpaoWenweipo etc. sects mediums of China the same ignore the basis of malignant tumor at where only can painstakingly to discredit, so the HKPTU cannot choose but in advance decide to drop out HKCTU and to announce disband on Aug., 10, 2021!  As will as still can to call out early already right and wrong not distinguish of the HK mediums as Sing Tao Daily of the Long Qigong this old monster to talk nonsense  is the Delta of variety virus so to cheat people to add hot shoot vaccine justified to force help evil moth not to stupid teach with students with all resident cannot and to protrude shown the EC CarrieLams evil intent constant!

m.   同樣可怕的是,CE林鄭的插手就突令教協解散後也針對早不滿指出 繞過基本法, 有違人權公約普通法基礎原則而立國安法提議務必修改立法條例的大律师公會及律師會均恐嚇要終止關糸 以及如鄭若驊也於2021.6.12違規公告她的下屬律政人員可任資深大律師已獲林鄭認可令造假COVID-19瘟疫後收入可憐港律師恐嚇要靠邊站,也更以港律師可應試後前往大灣區執業為誘兩大左哄右騙手段公開配合中央及早已下跪 大多的港媒抹黑TV及報導可見,為何林鄭還可公開插手律師會會長內選,果然其後就由聽話的陳澤銘為新會長並於2021.9.15發表聲明指:對法庭判決誤導性及有偏差的批評須制止...!也即全力支持由CE林鄭指定的國安法聆訊法官可借 意念評估 颠倒司法原則就可亂判一通連批評都不可進一步令香港的司法公義全面崩潰!

      The same fearful is, by EC CLams intervene suddenly leadHKPTUto disband after who at once to be aimed at before discontent to detour Basic Lawand disobey the human covenant & basis of common law to lawmaking National Security Law to point out must to modify regulation that HK Bar Association & Law Society of HK the same to intervene equal to threaten will to stop relation!   As will as to call out by TeresaCheng Director on June 12, 2021 to be violation of the Constitution to bulletin her subordinate can to accept a Senior Counsel already to agree by EC CLam to threaten because to fake COVID-19 plague after the income pitiable HK’s lawyer must to stand aside, and still by HK’s lawyer can to examination after can practicing in China Great Bay Area to do temptation this two big left coax right cheat means to open harmony with CP China & early already to kneel down of majority HK medium to discredit at Tv or news visible, why EC CLam too still can to intervene the inner president elect of Law Society of HK?  Just as expected that after by a docile Mr. Chen Zeming for new president so at once on Sep., 09, 2021to show a state: “...aim at court the misleading & have aberration of judge to criticism must to put a stop to...!  It also just is all-out to support by EC CLam to appoint that judge of National Security Law just can pretext by “an idea to estimate” to upside down judicature principles that just can confused to judge and cannot to criticism, so today in HK’s judicial justice already further to total collapse!

n.       也同樣如此可怕, 而CE林鄭更直接利用只須“意念評估有犯罪企圖”就可定罪的國安法利箭對準學生會、支聯會、民陣等社會團體、以及也始於20219月中便也以此起動抹黑記者協會, 也即由CE林鄭導演就志在令如上全知造假確診COVID-19手段禍害全港的各社團及法律界均要下跪不得出聲更不為民起訴

           Still more fearful is, HKEC CLam again direct to employ only need by “an idea to estimate have a crime attempt” just can to punishment crime by National Security Law this sharp arrow to aim at student association, HKASPDMC & Civil Human Rights Front etc. society group, as will as too start out on Sep., 10, of 2021 to blacken the journalists' association, it just by EC Clam to direct only aims for let above to omniscient to fake "identify diagnosis" of COVID-19 means already to calamity in HK those each association & law scope equal must to kneel down cannot to call out still cannot for citizen to prosecution!

o.    當東方報於2021.9.18日怒指澳門早有健康碼可與內地通關,但港府廢官就以私隱擋箭牌通關無望!而林鄭馬上在19日報稱已在深圳面見韓正指示跟進通關事宜,特別是務必委派李家超帶領已被罵成廢官的陳肇始許樹昌等於2021.9.26日到達深圳的前一天, 如上k.有三大罪惡企圖未完CE林鄭根本不想通關,因此更會暗中點指澳門政府於2021.9.25日借口也只兩檢疫酒店保安已“確診”就要全民檢測表演造假瘟疫恐慌再停用健康碼不予通關以免CE林鄭的面目难看!以及此左右两面手段3個月前也要澳門停運駐台機構逼台灣也要加入武漢瘟疫的造假行列...以及就可方便韓正的通關跟進才有藉口要延后通關以為就可讓CE林鄭蓄意不用健康碼通關之民愤醜聞無罪可言!

      So then Oriental Daily News on Sep., 18, 2021 to fulminate Macao early had the Health Code can use with inland to customs clearance, but HKCEs rubbish officer just by privacy” for a shield to lead the customs clearance hopeless!  And then the EC Clam at once on Sep., 19, 2021 to news already in Shenzhen City to meet Han Zheng vice-premier and after will by whos order to handle, unusual is who must to appoint Lee Ka-chiu director to lead already to revilement as rubbish officer of the Sophia CHAN & SC Hui etc. on Sep., 26, 2021 to Shenzhen City the before one day, as above k. had three big evil attempt unfinished of EC Clam to root no intend to customs clearance, so who still can be good at in the dark to instruct Macao Gov., on Sep., 25, 2021 to pretext because had two security guards of quarantine public house to “identify diagnosis” so must be inspection for all people to act fake plague panic after to stop health code refuse to customs clearance lest EC Clams face to ugly!  And this both sides means the same as three months before too order Macao Gov., too must to stop in TW organization to force join COVID-19 the fake line..., and just can convenient vice-premier Han Zheng by this pretext to delay customs clearance to assume just can let EC Clams designedly disuse Health Code to customs clearance that people's wrath & scandal to innocent maybe to say!

     但如CE林鄭利用國安法強逼各社團及律師會等提交資料才是真正侵犯了私隱人權法, CE林鄭為何就不阻止立法? 健康碼絕無私隱可言! 而實際上就因如將去信CE林鄭的策略顧問及通信辦譚允芝主席告知搶劫lzm在港電話及武漢瘟疫造假的事實也在底部告知地產代理不要認可刻意趕走lzm在新威園e601的租客後被騙再不得代理,其後的林鄭勢力lzm的親戚也威迫不得代貼街招出租, 其企图就是要威迫lzm回港才可隔離方便謀殺! 也就因CE林鄭的間諜在微信中已知lzm也有深圳健康碼如回港不用檢測那還有機會把lzm隔離謀殺 林鄭也因此立即收緊入境限制!

           But as EC Clam to utilize National Security Law of the sharp arrow to compel each association & Law Society ect. to submit data just is true to violate privacy” of human rights law, but why EC Clam still not to keep from to legislate?  And the Health Code absolute have not any privacy can to say, and in fact it because as  the letter to EC Clam’s tactic adviser & OFCA Ms TAM Wan-chi chairman to inform to rob lzm in HK a phone call & fake COVID-19 of the fact at bottom by write to notify land agent don’t to agree by painstakingly expel lzm’s tenant of Sunway Gardens e601 after to cheat again cannot to act for rent out, and after the EC Clam’s powers include lzm’s relatives also to coerce cannot replacement to stick the rent out poster, the attempt quite right wish to force lzm go back HK only can easy by quarantine to murder!  It because after the spy of EC Clam in WeChat to known lzm in ShenZhen City to have the Health Code if by this need not to “identify diagnosis” that still have opportunity to murder?  Therefore, EC Clam also at once to shrink enter border to limit!

這正是如上張果老預言之千年後當今鬼勢滔天人將學鬼林鄭妖娥手段的另一 历史見證!

This just is above Zhang Guolao’s prediction that in the world on a thousand years after, the man's world will be billowing by a wicked game, and people will learn from a specter above Demon e means by EC Clam other a history witness

p.   而事實上,也就因空氣中細菌千種以上只在口腔或鼻孔中棲息不入肺繁殖又何來病毒入血?也即人人必與病毒共存的天然環境永世不變,難道CE林鄭及其廢官也可蠢到如此地步也可裝傻不懂? 也難道戴口罩疫苗者就無『臭口水』可避開造假的確診可『清零』? 簡直儘是蠢豬一頭頭

     However the actuality is that because in air the germs have thousand upward and if only in mouth cavity or nostril to perch not into lung to breed also where still have the virus can into blood?  It accordingly is everyone inevitable must with the germs or virus to coexist this natural environment will forever constant! Is it possible that EC Clam & her rubbish officer too as a stupid swine can to feint silly not to know?  Also could it be said to were mask & shoot vaccine after that just not havestinking spit or snotcan to avoid fakeidentify diagnosistozero clearing?

     但已壞透的CE林鄭更於2021.3.27-8就叫她認可的袁國勇許樹昌這兩大畜生專家出來撒謊要『清零』更要7成以上市民打疫苗後有抗體才可通關 因此被穀針不到40就有“1357異常事件且60%要住院也見有報! 且由CE林鄭發號施令造假的香港武漢瘟疫死亡人數均由各醫院本要病死的老者替頂、更遠低被的死亡人數

     But already bad to the bone of the EC Clam still can on Mar., 27-8, 2021 to call out Yuan GuoyongSC Hui two brute expert at Tv to lie must tozero identify diagnosiswith 70% upward citizen to shoot vaccine after had antibody only can to customs clearance!  So by deceive to shoot vaccine not up 40days that just had 1357 singles to fall ill of unusual case and 60% must to be in hospital also had news visible!  And by EC Clam to issue orders to make fake in HKs death toll of COVID-19 equal by each hospital original will ill to die those old persons to substitute for, but still far low to shoot vaccine of the death toll! 


    Therefore by this to worry to go bad the EC Clam must to tie in Cp China to want above visual Biden at once to call out India Gov., to lie have “virus variety” let her brute expert only can again to cheat civilian not the vaccine of COVID-19 no avail so can again to cheat shoot vicious that vicious motive by EC Clam also by this come!  And then EC Clam’s spy in WeChat to find out lzm to call in SG already shoot vaccine the person go back HK to replacement to stick the rent out poster to handle after who at once on May 08, 2021 to declare equal must to live in public house to quarantine to keep from and to proclaim with Singapore thetour air bubbleto dashed!


        But the conscience already to bad nil of the EC Clam to aims for still can to grasp of the sharp arrow of "quarantine" of COVID-19 to suppose only have a chance to direct call out by lzm to report a case in police must to arrest prosecution of the Yuan Guoyong, Sophia CHAN etc. six big hygiene official to dispose of murder only can continues to conceal everyone must to use lzm his four big medicine invention lest nil face to live to arouse that Clam’s dirty trick to obvious,  even if cheat to shoot vaccine to be ineffective it also can by force wear mask the same can to stupid all HK citizen with Chinese nation only beneficial who’s evil spirit to rule and vain hope for an empress even better for empress dowager cixi that vicious means too at this to cannot deny!

q.   是否也就因在20206月前就有反共法輪功自由網胡意吹噓不滿在港有『國安法』的彭麗媛兩母女已遠離習鬧矛盾分居報導誘惑下的『國安法』才可在港實施?且見大律師公會指責『港版國安法』不諮詢公眾史無前例及彭定康批林鄭是香港史上可悲的內奸也有見報!

      It yes or not because before June of 2020 that even have contrary CP of falungong the liberty net purposely to boast of because ill feeling in HK will have National Security Law so the Peng Liyuan two mother daughter already to far away Xi Jinping noisy conflict to separation from this news to allure that National Security Law only can to carry out in HK?   And can to see to censure by Basic Law that why the HK National Security Law no need to consult the public unprecedented with the Christopher Francis Patten to criticize the EC Clam is in HK unprecedented sad a hidden traitor it also had news can to see!

     其後的習近平2020.10.13日為深圳特區40周主持年慶前先訪潮州,第二天又見法輪功自由網有報彭麗媛穿上旗袍向聯合國教科文組織致賀詞及後也獨自到潮州是否在誘惑林鄭要直追習近平后而準備敬禮讓位也 值公議? CE林鄭也顯然於2020.10.13日到深圳,但習近平卻於第二天突回北京張顯全無心理準備? 而CE林鄭也要公佈押後施政報告2020.11.3日藉口向部委商討優恵政策急訪北京,其後回港就見上TV興奮直言:“我已恢复自我了,是否已追到手或全在自導自演只志在暗湧未來權勢力控各政府派別?

    That after of the Xi Jinping before on Oct., 13, 2020 for ShenZhen special area to host 40years celebration first visit ChaoZhou city, but on second day can to see the liberty net of falungong to report the Peng Liyuan already put on a cheongsam to congratulations for UNESCO and after alone the same go to ChaoZhou city whether to temptation for EC Clam must to firsthand chase Xi Jinping for empress and to already prepare to give place with congratulate it also to merit public discussion too?  So EC Clam also go to ShenZhen city on Oct., 13, 2020 obvious, but Xi Jinping contrary on second day to suddenly go back Beijing to show utterly not a psychology to prepare?   So after the EC Clam too must to delay her administrative report and on Nov., 03, 2020 to pretext will to discuss a preferential policy with a ministries and commissions to urgency visit Beijing..., and then EC Clam go back HK after at once can to see at Tv to very excited to speak bluntly“...I already to restored self... ”, whether to woo Xi Jinping already in her hands or fully in self directed and acted to  aims for dark to gush in the future powers attempt to force control each factions of HK Gov.,?


         Also because Xi Jinping with Peng Liyuan wife at FuJian Province to boating happy together to had news visible!  But the question key is EC Clam why can by National Security Law for a sharp arrow only can to persecute above the HKPTU, Bar Association, HKASPDMC, Civil Human Rights Front & journalists' association etc. society group must to dissolved, but that just afraid to start to be aimed at HK’s Falungong to ask police station to dispose of?   Yes or not still have a great quantity scandal still at liberty net hand only can lead EC Clam must to think thrice before acting?

r.     特別是東方日報2021.9.19報稱在...乳癌女性殺手 港15萬人高危...』,這就是如上結論一CE林鄭詐稱不知lzm發明的冷凍醫療法才是癌症唯一有效的醫療法並已報案,盧偉聰警處長 馬上被開除阻止立案處理这正是林鄭殺人無數的最新 历史見證 

             Unusual is as Sing Tao Daily on Sep., 19, 2021 to report in HK:...the milk cancer is the killer of female, and in HK have 150,000 persons to high danger! ..., this just is above Conclusion One., that EC Clam to arrogation not to know lzms invent of freezing” treatment only is valid of the treatment and already to report a case in police, but the Lo Wai-chung Commissioner of Police at once to expel by EC Clam to keep from not to handle, so this just is the EC Clam to homicide countless of the latest history witness!   


Conclusion Two


First by above a. visible, the start on 2016year the riot of MongKok etc. so-called Chaotic Truth in HK with then to start fake COVID-19 by EC Clam the evil aspirations exactly to aims for to deny lzms invent of wash lung & freezing” two treatment invent to exist that equal to witness by all Law SocietyIt also by above b.-e. visible lzms latest invent of Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" so at here to start, and if to use that just can let all any plague & fakeidentify diagnosismeans to get away!  But EC Clam to aims for quarantine to murder lzm that evil attempt one cant deny to guilt can to escape too!

特別由f-j.的書信在20206前更令CE林鄭及部門包括港媒、大小律師行及各大中小學盡知病毒疫苗全無科學根據只是蠢民工具以及載口罩更為市民的謀殺陷阱同樣不可否認 為何全港媒體及各立會議員也均變種只懂將公眾利益放在 嘴巴胡扯白拿市民工資、更只會“自掃門前雪”?   因此才可令CE林鄭妖魔手段百出不用健康碼通關如上k.才可繼續騙民要70%後才可通關只為蠢蛋化市民為快同樣不可否認的EC林鄭罪惡企圖其二.同樣罪責難逃 

Unusual cause above f.-j. before June of 2020 those letters still to lead EC Clam & each Dept., include media, Bar Association & Law Society with all school to know the virus vaccine all nil science to base on only is a fool tool, and to wear mask still more is a murder trap the same cant to deny!  But why all HKs medium & each MP can to mutation only let the public benefits at mouth to blabber to waste citizens wages still only can tosweep at self-gates front the snow?    So only can let EC Clams evil means to hundredfold as no to use the Health Code to customs clearance as above k. only can continue to cheat citizen must had 70% to shoot vaccine after only to customs clearance only for stupid citizen happy to EC Clams evil attempt of that two.  The same cannot shirk responsibility for the crime!

更如上k-r.CE林鄭利用『國安法利劍迫害全港非建制派社團也均大多解體、突變獨裁者公平社會面孔盡失全無 但如東方報明知港乳癌15萬人高危,但為何就可詐傻無知不敢質疑揭露CE林鄭為何還要繼續隱瞞lzm冷凍醫療法發明且已不惜殺人無數也如CE林鄭雙手血淋淋為全民公敵如上k.其三大罪惡企圖更值全港公論

Still as above k.-r. EC Clam to employ that sharp arrow of National Security Law to persecute not organizational system those association equal already majority to lift, and mutation an autocrat to let fair society the face lose at all!  Last as the Sing Tao Daily to know the milk cancer had 150,000patient to high danger, but why just can to feint a stupid or ignorant so afraid to query EC Clam why still continue to conceal lzms invent of freezing” treatment invention already to kill citizen countless to as EC Clam already to both hands bloody for a public enemy of all the people at above k. that three big evil attempt it also to value opinion of the public in HK!





也難道拜登,默克爾WHO總幹事譚德塞可不分是非有樣學樣詐稱 "非專家" 以為就可免除屠殺公眾生命反人類罪?!

Is it possible that the Biden, Merkel or WHO Director Tedros Adhanom can indistinct right and wrong to monkey see monkey do same above the HKEO CarrieLam to jactitation "not a specialist" assume just can to remit to butcher public life of the crimes against humanity!

因此, 如上人命關天的重大是非更值全球公論的時侯也到了!

Also therefore, above case involving human life is to be treated with the utmost care of the great right and wrong still more merit to opinion of the public at worldwide of the time already come to!





Because the in Shenzhen City even zero “diagnosis” to ugly no customs clearance of EC Clam, so who at once to intervene SZ Gov., to big change substitution no normal?

    也為何林鄭出席2021.4.20日 在海南岛博鰲亞洲論壇年會要於2021.4.16日下午先到深圳?  就因深圳均零“確診”令林鄭不通關的決定難看務必要密會深陳如桂市長“造假確診”配合才可但一事無成, TV可見林鄭只好2021.4.19直扑海南島必有密會習大大海南雞飯”令博鰲會因此要由副主席王岐山代習報幕?! 且在林鄭前往廣州參加粵港澳大灣區(GBA)必也先面見副总理韩正覃偉中副省長後 有2021.4.24報指將替仼陳如桂為深市長且監委主任中法院長及檢察院長也同日大換外不常規!

          Also why EC CLam  to attended at Hainan Island of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) annual conference on  April 20, 2021 who must ahead of time to call on Shenzhen City on April 16, 2021?   Because before in Shenzhen the equal to “diagnosis zero let EC CLam not to customs clearance the decision ugly, so CLam must to secret discussion with Shenzhen Chen Ru-Gui Mayor must to fake diagnosis number” to cooperate but to get nowhere, so only can on April 19, 2021 dash to Hainan Island necessarily secret meeting Xi Jin-Ping to eat the "Hainan Chicken Rice" , so the BFA must by vice-chairman Wang Qi-Shan to substitute for announce”?!    And then CLam to GuangZhou City attend meeting of GBA inevitable ahead to secret discussion to Han Zheng vice-premier with Tan Wei-Zhong vice-governor too, so by news can to see,  the Tan Wei-Zhong at once to make public will to substitute Chen Ru-Gui  for Shenzhen Mayor and  three director of  CNCAintermediate courtprocuratorate in this time to big change of blood unexpected no routines!


     So at the moment the sandstorm again to raid China after swallow up many city of some province the terror picture at once to eexposure!

     特別是深圳賽格大廈2021.5.18-20三天大晃動上天警告, 覃偉中仍於2021.5.19日正式上仼深市長後從報可見馬上指lzm所在的鹽田區新冠肺炎疫情防控部於2021.5.26日通報撒謊77.59%接種疫苖配合林鄭騙民穀針,但鹽田沙頭角就不見有穀針宣傳, 因此人人看了哈哈全笑!

  但就不見有港媒膽敢跟進查實,是否擔心林鄭已有國安法利劍在手務必要裝聾作啞?   因此更引發上天震怒,也在當天月全食月娥有史最黑!






       Especially is the SEG building of Shenzhen in 2021.5.18-2 0 big rock three days, but Tan Wei-Zhong still on May 19, 2021day formal go to Shenzhen Mayor office by May 26, 2021 news visible, at lzm location YanTian Area the Covid-19 Epidemic Control Dep. at once order by new Mayor to lie announce had 77.59% already to shoot vaccine tie in EC CLam again to cheat HKcitizen, but in YanTian Area ShanTouJao, SZ City here not find have any propaganda, so anyone to see after fully to laugh at!       

    But still not find have any HKmedium dare to inquire about, it whether to worry the EC CLam already have the sharp sword of National Security Law at hand,  so must to pretend to be deaf and dumb?   Hence still more to lead the Heaven to be enraged, so at May 26, 2021 this day to total lunar eclipse lead Yuet-ngor it since the dawn of history the most black!

    是否欲針對在深回港不昜的lzm有意動粗的佈局令上天震怒 更值探討?!    

    That whether to be in the dark to be aimed at not easy returning to HK the lzm wittingly to use force layout to lead Heaven to be enraged?! 



      Above just is the world today:  overwhelming with ghosts in the future, and people will to learn ghost of the historical testimony!


     More historical records comments on can be found in Chang Kuo-lao’s prediction now this special column to undoubtedly!


      整 理 中...

     In editing...







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