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lzm's rejuvenate treatment Lzm’s economic successwas to sales now! Lzm’s latest explore-technique for submarine of deep-sea & stealth aircraft to sell!



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About the SARS-crisis in China and HK how to lead to the invention of the “wash-lung” treatment?

Complain to Chinese and Western!   Why did China conceal a medical invent for lifesaving?

  Free health or pathological diagnosis consulting service.


Our company’s design of mechanical, electrical products and scientific research service will start in ASEAN (producing)

Lzm’s success of economic that could be  provide a worthy consultant-report for any one government about the monetary policy…starting now!

The war acts in

HK Sanitation Dept.

Why the Wash-Lung & Refrigerate two treatment still not open  for citizen of HK? 


 ---The most uncivilized a paragraph of history case it will biography in here---

Uncontrolled Document When Printed

黃禍論」為何再起? 張果老預言應世突顯!

Why the "yellow peril theory" can to resurgence? And Zhang Guolao’s prophecy to stand out in the world!

    劉伯溫準確預言了武漢疫情 造假

  Liu Bowen accurately predicted WuHan epidemic to fraud

   Yellow Peril 俗稱「黃禍論」可見等大事的發生,以及

       From Yellow Peril, commonly known as the ``yellow peril theory'', we can see that such major events have happened, and as well as


   It still from Liu Bowen’s prophecy the "Song of Biscuits" also can to seen:

  張果老預言千年後的世界 人間將來鬼勢滔天人將學鬼

   Zhang Guolao’s prophecy that in the world on a thousand years after, the man's world will be billowing by a wicked game, and people will learn from a specter.


    In the windTherefore, everything in the world is all vile and sinister in nature.  The official not to care of the public, only knew the bribe.  Bribery can be done publicly, and bribery doesn't need on off-stage, it as to snatch a square meal too.  So for ordinary people, the filial piety can be abolished and lewdness can be promoted.  And only can to ask the benefit for oneself, so don't ask about honesty and honor    And as if an unwitting sprite may be to play tricks against at will, and absolutely ignore human quandary.  This kind the heart-intestines of ghost, ghost’s wisdom and stratagem, necessarily one by one to spread successors in the future.  As a result is person or a ghost not to difference, but the big universe it really to become a ghost world, but this things it will in the future.

    張果老 因此只願 反坐驢向後看警喻世人...

   Therefore, the Zhang Guolao only to be willing counter to sit donkey to look back warn world ...

     推背圖56   讖曰  日月麗天 群陰懾服百靈來朝 雙羽四足

   AsPush dorsum photoof fifty shape the omenThen sun and moon to shine sky, group civil service to submit.  So many power come to pilgrimage, as two plumes or four foot!

    颂曰而今中國有聖人, 雖非豪傑也周成。四夷重譯稱天子,否極泰來九國春。

       Praise saying is:   Now has a sage in China, although not a influential hero too perfectAround country retranslate to call the Son of Heaven, out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss to spring scenery at worldwide.


    And in the <<the Bible. Apocalypse Record >> too have aboutsage bornwith follow-up of incident to describeThen the sage at once to show the deity merit at the sky, all life will be to big justiceand according the acts of deity merit to trial to final orientation, not likely again have any a chance to supplementFurthermore the nature will be full to renew, namely the calamity will enter the coda.

   也即古有中國4大發明, 但今有航空安全三措施, 洗肺对癌症唯一有效冷凍兩 大醫療法, 飽和鹽水家用保健法及肺部氣流防疫法人人必用 lzm 5大發明且將千年不變已爆天空的神跡所有的生命將在隨後「大審判」就可否極泰來九國春令全球的“大災難將進入尾聲!

   It also is ancient China had four big invention, but today still have"three measures of aviation security",  wash-lung” with unusual effective for cancer patients the “freezing” two big treatment,  especially the "saturated saline" and “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" everyone must to use and will chiliad years constant those lzm’s five big invention already to explode the deity merit in sky”, so all the life will tobig judgejust can out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss to spring scenery at worldwide.” to order in global “the calamity will enter the coda. ”!  


Thebig justiceby Bible Prediction already to affirm on 2019year the witness still clearly at here!

    當本 PCT/SG03/00145 洗肺冷凍兩醫療法發明的提前公佈並在月餘間就令 2003 年北京、香港、台灣及加拿大的 SARS 危機才會成為過去, 但加拿大同樣偷用如港府更配合中國政府拒絕審查的lzm專利申請

    另可見已在20184月前就傳遍近加拿大附近的美國各大學,以及如, , 加拿大熟透的國家均被lzm去信追債由航空安全三措施發明伸延而出海關eGate的專利權外更令西方各國時 疫苗毫无科学根据的事实一清二楚, 以及更介了 飽和鹽水家用保健法 才可免医高夀120歲!加拿大或因此延遲公佈eGate的成功應用, lzm2019年才去信追eGate 債!

      因此如右可見的加拿大三級政府均向華人正式道歉, 也提及已在2017年4月5日如 廢除了歧視華人的法規就由此而來也尚有點良知

     Then at PCT/SG03/00145 lzm’s the invention of wash-lung” with“freezing” two treatments to ahead of time to proclaim only a month after, the SARS crisis of 2003year at Beijing, HK, TaiWan & Canada only can to end, but the Canada same as HK Gov. to steal use and harmony with CP-China to refuse examine lzm’s patent application!  

     On the side from  visible that lzm’s four big invention already been spread to vicinity Canada every USA Uni. before on April of 2018, and as ,, or  those very familiar country of Canada without except to dun by three measures of aviation security invention to jut out the patent right of Customs’s eGate, and still clear to inform the vaccine have not any science basis for west each country, as well as generally to introduce if use the "saturated saline hygiene" in family that just can to exempt ill and live to be 120ages!  Yes or no the Ca Gov., hence to delay notifies the eGate to success put in use?  So lzm only can delay to dun as on 2019year!

      So as the right photo  visible those three grade Gov., of Ca even to formal apologize for Chinese, also have mentioned already to abolish the rule of law of prejudice Chinese on April 5, 2017 that just by above origin come to, also still have some the conscience!

      也特別始於如上lzm四大發明於October 18 2018傳遍英國各大學後,聖經的描述顯現於天空的神跡”《所有的生命將在隨後的大審判」》!

   Also especially begin at , then above lzm’s four big inventions already to spread all UK Uni. after on October 18 2018, as <<the Bible. Apocalypse Record >> to describethen the “sage havedeity merit” to show the sky after, all life will bebig justiceto follow!   

    也因此及右圖可見,70萬倫敦人在2019210日即中 春15日的舞龍弄獅慶祝華人春節令倫敦突變為中國城感謝 人人必用千年不變lzm的的四大發明,也即如所有的生命將在隨後的大審判」》已此定調, 如圖中: 中英黃金時代已來臨!

  Hence also, from  or right picture visible, there is 700,000 Londoner to Dragon and Lion Dance for celebrate Spring Festival of Chinese on Feb., 10, 2019, and let London mutation a China city to thanks everybody must to use and millennium constant above lzm’s four big invention, also now by all life will bebig justiceto orientation already, so as in picture visible

The prime time of China-English already to came!

    The same as Fr., Ge., Sw., Li, Sp., Po., Aus,, Gr., Be., Da., Nor,, Fin., Ice., Iri., Bra., Ar., Pt., Cz.,Bg., Ro., Est., Lva., Cy., Lva., Pl., Tr., Ru.,

  即所有歐州各國大學也均傳遍, 不少歐州人公開聲稱為中國人同慶2019中國春節也見有報!

   Namely all Uni. of EU various state are spread all over, so many people of EU the same to celebrate Spring Festival of Chinese and open to profess also for a Chinese on 2019 it can to see on news too

   Besides as in AsiaJp., Au.,Ca., Nz., My., Thai., India, Qa., Sa.,Aman,Kuwai, Bahrain, Indonesia, Ph., Korean, Col., Uy., Gha., ... 


   Namely as same of Uni. in Asia various state the same tobig justicelzm’s deity merit” already in sky after to pitch as above right picture visible to Dragon and Lion Dance in phase to celebrate Spring Festival of Chinese!  


   Above the History-Pitch it has to valor advance behind by Britain Queen with Prince Philip inevitable

Jiang ZeMin was continue to steer court of HK for destroy international promised of “one country two system”  

 The proof are below:

1. FAMV 1 /2002;

2. FAMV 16/2004;

3. FAMV 10/2006;

4. FAMV 19/2006;

5. LDBM-220-2005;

6. CACV-332-2006

Jiang ZeMins favorite have a habit of using promotion as a bait for the judge to illegal-judge a huge sum action-fees to pillage lzm’s money!  


1. A prank in the Lands  Tribunal

2. Court's war criminal in HK

3.The war criminal in Gov., of  HK

4.Crucify lzm’s bankruptcy case

TSANG Y-K's HKGov. order many department to be aimed at Lin Zhen Man by terroristic means, the facts below;

1. Use radiate of air waves to murder lzm, the police station did not to deal with!

Police MainPage

2. The police station same terrorist to support lzm’s a tenant not to pay the rental and catch lzm!

3. Gov. departments was to falsify document and suborn all land agent did not rent out lzm’s house!

4. Suborn by Jzm’s mandarin, the sad and shameless of Land-Registrar of HK in here “skill & extraordinary”…

Lawless disturbance for lzm by

HK Gov., department...

 Humiliating in annals now!

1. Pranks in Communications of

   HK Gov.,

2. Robbers in Intellectual

    Property Dept.,  of HK...

3. Unexpected take apart order

   for lzm’s house by Buildings


4. The apart order simultaneously to endanger neighbor property!

5. Ird & Bochks face lose for

HKMA too at risk

Anatomize of Jiang ZeMin’s politics of dominion (producing

Our company’s sad histories at Chinese invest! 

1. HengChang Ltd. to prosecute

 Jiang Zemin on 2007year!

2.Administer of Heng Chang Ltd to resist an official’s extort become a ruination on 1996year.

3.The sinister means by Shan Tou Jao Customs of ShenZhen City!  

4.Company of ShenZhen Gov., to hands-on loot begin 1998year!

5.Judge of DongGuan City Gov., to arrange loot begin 1999year!

6.Police, Procuratorate & Court of ShenZhen City unexpectedly to variety an rob accomplice?!
7.Jiang Zemin not thanks Lzm’s medicine invention to save SARS a national calamity in China, and why could be order to murder inventor?!

    特别如本主頁底部175個國家駐北京、台灣大使及在港領事館 均早已全 肺部氣流防疫法 從何而來

   It unusual as this main page the bottom layer those total 175 embassies of countries in Beijing, Taiwan or consulate in HK even already early to known “Lung-Airstreams Epidemic Prevention Law" from where to come!

    但為何兩年後的今, 還會讓造假“確診”所謂的武漢肺炎禍害全球?!連拜登在當選後 可敬的英女皇也要被逼首次戴口罩出場如此悲哀的妥協才會導致 活活氣死了有男子氣概菲臘親王!?

    ABut two years after now, why above the country power still can to operate by fake nucleic acid diagnosis” so-called COVID-19 plague by HK’s medical fraud to disaster global?!  As then Joe Biden to be elected after of worthy Britain Queen also must to be forced for the first time to wear a mask to come on the stage, so by this sorrowful compromise only can to lead manly Prince Philip to angry to death?!

問題的關是主導全球各國政界的美國早在911後就陷入了無冠中國 王朝的行賄陷阱!

But the key of problem is to leading global Gov., circles of USA already on 911 after to sink into CP-China of nil crown dynasty a bribe trap!

    起因就在lzm航空安全三措施發明協助布殊總統戰勝了911災難後,歷史更永遠不會忘記,布殊錯誤地接受前中國主席江澤民的交換條件,即默許同意美國向臺灣出售武器以交換馬上重大行賄殊的弟弟尼爾布希江澤民長子江錦恒20041127公佈恐嚇也從 www.ycec.sg/UN/150117.htm 可見,布殊因此缺德違背 Lzm的承諾!

     期後如又把奧巴馬的弟弟養在中國深圳收錢同樣恐嚇不得批予包括PCT/SG03/00145洗肺及對癌症唯有特效的冷凍兩大醫學專利 www.ycec.sg/UN/war-felon-hk.htm 主頁中更無疑    


The cause is because then lzm’s "three measures of aviation security" invention to help ex-president Bush to defeat 911 in USA’s catastrophe after, the history  will be to forget, and then Bush still to wrong accept ex-CP China chair J_Zemin’s swap terms to wink at agree sell arms to Taiwan and after at once great to bribe Bush’s brother Mr. Neil Bush  and by J_Zemin’s firstborn Jiang JinHeng to threaten to proclaim on Nov., 27, 2004 or can to see at www.ycec.sg/UN/150117.htm, so Bush only can to wicked violate promise for Lzm!

And after, as at again let Obama’s younger brother to keep at Shenzhen city of China accept money the same to threaten Obama can’t ratify include PCT/SG03/00145 that "wash lung" and only have specially good effect the "freezing" two big medicine patents the same at main page of www.ycec.sg/UN/war-felon-hk.htm still more undoubtedly!  

  難道美國人的生命就那麼不值錢嗎? 也更如当年的布殊總統臨死之前的肺炎病狀也用不上“洗肺”醫療法死於2018年不可長命百歲是否活該也值一提!

  Is it possible that all Americans' life cloddy ?   Also still as old Bush ex-president to pneumonia before at the point of death but can’t  to "wash lung" treatment to die on 2018year so can’t to live to be a hundred whether to get what sb. deserves also to deserve to be mentioned!

 其後有見網傳江澤民的 美女宋祖英急訪小布殊 別墅後共划船玩樂也見有報, 難道布殊就可將父仇一忘而盡?




      In fact, this is the Chinese dynasty habitually practice "double dealings" means or “One's methods are more than human”!



       Just likeZhang Guolao’s predicted that today's world after a thousand years: the world will be overwhelming with ghosts, and people will learn from ghosts.


 In editing...

Mask Make Long to incur beat soundly a palm the history witness!

So French make and curfew order only can to cancel !

   一切也就因各國均有自私政客操控明知戴口罩只 會有利蠢蛋化國民, 且有WHO譚德塞下跪對 造假的武漢瘟疫認可旗幟在手也就是非不分, 如被lzm追債面盲盲乱下口罩令法國總統馬克龍如右图2021.6.08口罩民怒打一巴後才於10天後取消口罩宵禁令!

    Because all countries even have a selfish politicians manipulate to be fully aware to wear masks only be beneficial to moron nationals, and then they have  WHO Director Tedros Adhanom  already to kneel accept Wuhan plague the fake banner in hand after also at once indiscriminate the right and wrong, as to dun paymentby lzm after no face of the Fr. President Make Long as right photo to anger hit a palm by a masks people on 2021.6.08 and 10days after  only can to rescind the masks with curfew order!

但當ycec.com2021.3.03 突然在港被強行關閉後,就拜登上仼後的配合儘管投訴中,拜登疫苗護照TV展現的第2林鄭也特別興奮馬上在無線TV宣佈疫苗護照,拜登疫苗護照在美國引發了強烈爭論共和黨找到新武器,白官被迫於2021.4.07公佈不會簽發,WHO也只可當天反對,就見次子於2021.5.08日美國高校录取不再被制裁拜登交昜諒不可莫,由此可拜登-疫苗护照內幕關聯並不简单..., 此,禍亂全球確診造假 的醫學騙局停不了

    But then lzms ycec.com to fore closed  in HK on 2021.3.03 after,  it is because despite tie by Biden to assume office after though complain in…, also then Biden's vaccine passport in Phoenix TV to shown 2days after, the HKCE CarrieLam also particularly excited immediately at HKTV announced already have vaccines passports, but Biden's vaccine passport in the US to triggered a strong debate so the Republicans to state find a "new weapons"..., so the white House to be compelled proclaim will not be sign & issue on 2021.4.07,  the WHO also to opposition on the same day!   But after on 2,021,508, the CE CarrieLam’s second son to enroll by a US College no again to punish with Biden's swap that can’t none, so the vaccines passports that inside to be related is not simple ..., therefore, to calamity at world starting from HK the medicine fraud of “diagnosis Covid-19” will can not to stop!

    林郑早在2021.2.22日就帶頭接種科興新冠疫苗哄騙市民 如張果老預言陰險猾賊性質做足個人防護措施謊言四出,但就不將“肺部氣流防疫法”廣介市民, 就因全港媒體全在嚴控中知而不敢言

   But the CE CarrieLam already take the lead to shootKexing Xinguan vaccine” again cheat citizen as Zhang Guolao’s predictedall vile and sinister in nature』must to do adequate personal protective measures the lie around, but solely not to introduce the "Lung Airflow Prevention Law" for citizens, because all media are strictly control in HK as in the know but afraid to speak!     

      也如從 2018.7.16的去信或在中可見事實根據, 難道林鄭就可詐不知疫苗全無科學根據張果老預言千年後的今天 将人鬼不分就此而来

   Also as lzm to send a letter on July 16, 2018 or at visible basis fact, could it be said that EC Clam just can to arrogation not to know the “vaccine” utterly without science to base on?  So ZhGL’s prophecy will the human or ghost no separate at thousand years after thus come to!

   In editing...


Above just to have a France Heroes only can to cancel mask & curfew order, but below the JP, NZ, IN and TW same have or no?

    也由於or .htm可見的肺部氣流防疫法傳遍美國各大學,不少的美國州 早已宣佈取消口罩令,更如orlzm追債的面如土色的安倍晉日本首相也深知 特别是lzm5大發明特别肺氣防疫法無人可擋,還可被中港政話再騙如右图吞 得下?

    Also due toor .htm visible "Lung Airflow Prevention Law" have been spread  throughout all USA Uni, and many states have already announced to  cancel masks order, still more as or to dun payment by lzm of the Abe Shinzo Premier the same already to know lzm’s five big invention especially is Prevention Law already cant to block and anyone must to use,  so still can to be fooled by CP-China again to swallow lzm’s patent right as right photo, can not?

  因此, 尚有點男子氣概 的安倍晉20208月要詐病辭職不干菅義偉首相可詐称唔知 orlzm追債2017年紐西蘭英格利希首相也要詐病辭職換上阿爾登女首相其後到北京就不敢超24小時就怕被 偷喂春藥受控!

    Therefore, still have some man mettle of the Abe Shinzo at once malinger to resign on August of 2020 only can to let Kan Yiwei Premier can to arrogation not know as lzm’s or to dun payment after the New Zealand Bill English premier who the same must malinger to resign on 2017 and give place to a woman premier Jacinda Ardern, but after who did not dare to stay in Beijing to exceed 24 hours, because who was very afraid by secretly to feed philters to control!



NZ Bill 首相

NZ 阿爾登首相

       由於拜登疫苗護照登造假的確診人數也非下調不可, 更因lzm2021.4.01日起就直接去電港府各部門如2021.4.03食環衛生署直言吿知確診 造假及穀針反骨真相,此時就急壞了EC林鄭, 因此就由拜登出馬配合中國贈送大量氧氣瓶及制氧機教唆也被如lzm追債的印度也要卒於20214初要起動誇大確診人數詐稱“雙重突變病毒”確診讓早被媒體貭疑借國安法將使香港突變淪為人治EC林鄭令已嚴控下的港媒才可繼續配合騙民谷針...

   Still more due of the Biden's vaccine passport to discredit lose already so fraud to diagnosis Covid-19 number must to lower,  and because lzm on 2021.4.01 after have direct telephone some of  HK Gov, department ason 2021.4.03 to FEHD to speak bluntly the medicine fraud of “diagnosis Covid-19” with  to shootKexing Xinguan vaccine” of the abnormity truth,  so at this time to really upsetting  of the CE CarrieLam, so the Biden at once to cooperate with CP China to donate a large number of oxygen cylinders with oxygenerator to instigate them as the same to dun payment & by lzm,  so the India Gov., at once to start  exaggerate the number of diagnosis Covid-19 on April of 2021 and lie to arrogation have "double mutant virus" let already to query by HK media because the National Security Law already to lead HK become "the rule by man" of the EC CLam can order already strictly controlled of HK media can continue to cooperate again to deceived people to shoot vaccine ...

但其後再無利可圖的印度就於20215月中就減慢誇大急壞了EC林鄭,其絕招一為香港駐台辦於2021.5.18日馬上宣佈停運直插葵英文咽喉、另加上中國軍機的近台威脅及拜登力勸,台灣因此始於2021.5.21日就要表演誇大確診人數超300本土病例 配合林鄭可繼續利用港媒宣傳造假確診再騙民!

       But then India to know already profitless after on among of May of 2021 to slow down diagnosis number at once to upset for EC CLam,  so on news visible is, the trick a is HK Gov. in Taiwan Affairs office at once announced stop motion to straight cutting the throat of TW Kui president, and to add  the military aircraft near TW threaten by CP China with to urge by Biden, so the TW Gov., at once on May 21, 2021 after to start  exaggerate the number of diagnosis Covid-19 every day to exceed 300 local case morbidity to cooperate CLam to employ HK media again to deceived citizen of HK to shoot vaccine ...

    尽管如上述早下跪 的WHO譚德塞也 於2021.6.01日 要聽話“科兴新冠疫苗”列入紧急使用,但從早知毫無科學根據的疫苗只為蠢民手段台灣各界就拒絕是 谷針中國疫苗配合, 此時的林鄭又另兩怪招出齊, 即澳門駐台機構2021.6.16停運及要台駐港辦人員簽一中承諾書威迫...,

      Notwithstanding as foregoing already had to kneel down of the WHO Director Tedros Adhanom to emergency urgent ratify "Kexing Xinguan vaccine" can to emergency use, but on already clear any vaccine have not science basis, so all circles of TW at once refuse to tie in shoot "Kexing Xinguan vaccine" , and on this time, the EC CLam again had two odd skill to shown,  that is, Macao agencies in TW on 2021.6.16day to stopped motion with to coercion the staff of the Taiwan Office in HK must to sign the "promise book of one China" to coerce...


Because the in Shenzhen City even zero “diagnosis” to ugly no customs clearance of EC Clam, so who at once to intervene SZ Gov., to big change substitution no normal?

    也為何林鄭出席2021.4.20日 在海南岛博鰲亞洲論壇年會要於2021.4.16日下午先到深圳?  就因深圳均零“確診”令林鄭不通關的決定難看務必要密會深陳如桂市長“造假確診”配合才可但一事無成, TV可見林鄭只好2021.4.19直扑海南島必有密會習大大海南雞飯”令博鰲會因此要由副主席王岐山代習報幕?! 且在林鄭前往廣州參加粵港澳大灣區(GBA)必也先面見副总理韩正覃偉中副省長後 有2021.4.24報指將替仼陳如桂為深市長且監委主任中法院長及檢察院長也同日大換外不常規!

          Also why EC CLam  to attended at Hainan Island of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) annual conference on  April 20, 2021 who must ahead of time to call on Shenzhen City on April 16, 2021?   Because before in Shenzhen the equal to “diagnosis zero let EC CLam not to customs clearance the decision ugly, so CLam must to secret discussion with Shenzhen Chen Ru-Gui Mayor must to fake diagnosis number” to cooperate but to get nowhere, so only can on April 19, 2021 dash to Hainan Island necessarily secret meeting Xi Jin-Ping to eat the "Hainan Chicken Rice" , so the BFA must by vice-chairman Wang Qi-Shan to substitute for announce”?!    And then CLam to GuangZhou City attend meeting of GBA inevitable ahead to secret discussion to Han Zheng vice-premier with Tan Wei-Zhong vice-governor too, so by news can to see,  the Tan Wei-Zhong at once to make public will to substitute Chen Ru-Gui  for Shenzhen Mayor and  three director of  CNCAintermediate courtprocuratorate in this time to big change of blood unexpected no routines!


     So at the moment the sandstorm again to raid China after swallow up many city of some province the terror picture at once to eexposure!

     特別是深圳賽格大廈2021.5.18-20三天大晃動上天警告, 覃偉中仍於2021.5.19日正式上仼深市長後從報可見馬上指lzm所在的鹽田區新冠肺炎疫情防控部於2021.5.26日通報撒謊77.59%接種疫苖配合林鄭騙民穀針,但鹽田沙頭角就不見有穀針宣傳, 因此人人看了哈哈全笑!

  但就不見有港媒膽敢跟進查實,是否擔心林鄭已有國安法利劍在手務必要裝聾作啞?   因此更引發上天震怒,也在當天月全食月娥有史最黑!






       Especially is the SEG building of Shenzhen in 2021.5.18-2 0 big rock three days, but Tan Wei-Zhong still on May 19, 2021day formal go to Shenzhen Mayor office by May 26, 2021 news visible, at lzm location YanTian Area the Covid-19 Epidemic Control Dep. at once order by new Mayor to lie announce had 77.59% already to shoot vaccine tie in EC CLam again to cheat HKcitizen, but in YanTian Area ShanTouJao, SZ City here not find have any propaganda, so anyone to see after fully to laugh at!       

    But still not find have any HKmedium dare to inquire about, it whether to worry the EC CLam already have the sharp sword of National Security Law at hand,  so must to pretend to be deaf and dumb?   Hence still more to lead the Heaven to be enraged, so at May 26, 2021 this day to total lunar eclipse lead Yuet-ngor it since the dawn of history the most black!

    是否欲針對在深回港不昜的lzm有意動粗的佈局令上天震怒 更值探討?!    

    That whether to be in the dark to be aimed at not easy returning to HK the lzm wittingly to use force layout to lead Heaven to be enraged?! 



      Above just is the world today:  overwhelming with ghosts in the future, and people will to learn ghost of the historical testimony!


     More historical records comments on can be found in Chang Kuo-lao’s prediction now this special column to undoubtedly!




      整 理 中...

    也因此, 由2020-04-06 04:24:08 大公报【大公报讯】根据《华尔街日报》 可見的报道美国前国务卿基辛格(圆图),3日在《华尔街日报》发表 主题为新冠病毒大流行将永远改变世界秩序的专栏文章,指出疫情对人类健康的影响可能是暂时的,但所引发的政治和经济动荡,可能会持续影响几代人。他呼籲各国在合作的基础上解决当前问题,否则将面临最坏结果

    Therefore, just by  takungpao.com base on "Wall Street Journal" can to see report on April 06, 2020 

       Former U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger (circle chart) who on April 03, 2020 to publish subject is "The New Corona virus Pandemic Will Forever Changing the World Order" to pointed out, the epidemic to impact human  health it may be temporary, but to ignite the political and economic turmoil it caused may continue to affect several generations.  So he called on all countries must on the basis of cooperation to solve current problems, otherwise they will face the "worst outcome".

       In editing...


  整 理 中...





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