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lzm's rejuvenate treatment Lzm’s economic successwas to sales now! Lzm’s latest explore-technique for submarine of deep-sea & stealth aircraft to sell!






About the SARS-crisis in China and HK how to lead to the invention of the “wash-lung” treatment? (amending)

Complain to Chinese and Western!   Why did China conceal a medical invent for lifesaving?

  Free health or pathological diagnosis consulting service.


Our company’s design of mechanical, electrical products and scientific research service will start in ASEAN (producing)

Lzm’s success of economic that could be  provide a worthy consultant-report for any one government about the monetary policy…starting now!

The war acts in

HK Sanitation Dept.

Why the Wash-Lung & Refrigerate two treatment still not open  for citizen of HK? 

In human history, the most least-civilized a history fact

to epigraph in here!  

To conceal medical invention of third world war

that how to murder inventors       Sequel. 3

Following the situation in Hong Kong where the murder conspiracy case was in a stalemate and unclear situation, Jiang_ZM on April 2014 visited his niece Jiangjin (office Shenzhen SASAC director) and came to Shenzhen to personally Governor array, the first question in Singapore Jiang faction: " Wasn’t it ... , how can let Lin Zhen Man widely spread open letter transmit e-mail at Singapore .... (fill otherwise mentioned ) ... " .

But all was under Lin Zhen Man’s control although the open letter e-mail transmission via only one computer…, furthermore see murder inventor means murder plot case (descending) three.6, Jiang_ZM faction in Hong Kong immediately return to ShenZhen city to report to Jiang_ZM:  Lin Zhen Man just at “ Same ancient a Zen master who Cong_Xi can to make chariot by closed doors and go out to measure up, now there have Lin Zhen Man to build-house by closed doors to prevent assault from Jiang!” !

So Jiang_ZM: immediately order his troops to be deployed at Hong Kong Buildings Department " Building Authority office " on 2014-5-21 and ordered the "dismantle" 14 Wing Hing Ind. Bldg. Hing Yip St., Kwun Tong KLN, H.K that rooftop ownership of industry self-built a large container (commonly known as corrugated roof ) command notice to seek opportunities to murder

ThereforeLin Zhen Min immediate riposte: You have no right to demolish!

After that, far too helpless Lin Zhen Min again on 7/11/2014 morning reluctantly walked into the police room at Kwun Tong report, but a constable who DO / KT finally say: "... why you can to prosecute for Jiang_ZM You are mental ill, send you into a mental hospital for check-up, do not to investigate, to get out! "!  (can to see below the case!)

Below the  or htm  at ycec.com temporary can’t to open it may turn to ycec.sg 

    Now the situation is even more serious, Lin Zhen Min had sent a letter in 12-17/7/2014 to the IPCC, the Commissioner of Police , Security Secretary , Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying complaints respectively!

       As shown from the above, Jiang_ZM on April 2014 came to Shenzhen to personally Govern array has failed lead to even more uproar in sectors in Hong Kong! At this time Jiang_ZM  immediately mobilize National People's Congress Chairman Zhang Dejiang on 19 July 2014, anxious to fly to the Shenzhen Merchants met with Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying ....., Xiaoming, director of the Liaison Office to Shenzhen the same day!

     In murder LZM case (in descending order) three .6. , noted Zhang Dejiang will indulge murder or by Xi Jinping care of orders to stop? In fact, Zhang Dejiang ordered to hold the line for the murder, at the time there Freegate page articles display stand Xi dissatisfaction Zhang reported to Shenzhen, the Zhang Dejiang ordered to hold the line for the murder witnessed by the following fact:

    1. On 24 July 2014, Lin Zhen Min (personally) called Chen Ming Tuan, a juvenile old classmates from Fujian Jinjiang Anhai Town come to Sha Tau Kok of Shenzhen City of China, discuss next morning 9 o'clock by Miss Shang_Qung to pilot the Zhongying Street to shopping;

        2.On the morning of 25th before 9 o'clock, Lin ZM was to drive theB-19806 car with above old classmates to Zhongying Street to shopping, because Lin ZM was use ID card of HK, so can not into the Zhongying Street after return to office of Heng Chong Ltd. at 20 little area Sha Tau Kok of Shenzhen City and then about on 10 o'clock again to the Zhongying Street to wait them after go back office;


Chairman of the National People's Congress

Zhang Dejiang

     3.    It turned out that on 25 July 2014 at 9:40 am, SaoTouJiao town of Shenzhen city local police at once dispatched a squad car before the Chung Ying Street suddenly to intercept myB-19806, I asked them for the reason to stop the vehicle?   I angrily told them that this car was to stayed at car park of 20 Area, En Shang Road, ShanTouJao, Shen Zhen City for the past 16 years and can to control by the local traffic police thatB-19806 car yes or not belong to Heng Chong Electronic (Shen Zhen) Ltd.?  But below photo the 066332- Police was phone call to his leader repeatedly not any a result, so he was to run wild that this car was a “stolen vehicle!”!

So I immediately asked:  If this car is a stolen vehicle, there should be an official report on a case? And my this tB-19806 foreign capital car belong to which one overseas-invested enterprise which must have a say?   Thereforethe 066332- police was again to look stunned and walked away!  At this point, another officer came over and asked: "where are your vehicle documents?". When I looked for the vehicle insurance, it suddenly disappeared! 

  Because this was a short journey thus my driving license was left at Office in about 800 meters away, at this point of time ... the video shows that they say they are investigating, we have to go back to the police station for further investigation!

 www.ycec.sg/Jzm/140725a.avi That can to see the whole process of deduction!

  Your car was a “stolen vehicle!”!



The intercept locale can not find anyone lose car to the police !


The intercept locale


A staffs of public security


The intercept locale

    4.  So they called for the tow truck, I went to the police station in police car because the police station did not want to confirm that B-19806 belongs to Heng Chong Electronic Ltd, tow truck was yet to arrive. It was ridiculous, the local police station went as far as to requesting me to go back home to take my driving permit to prove that Heng Chang Electronic Ltd., is the owner of B-19806!

    5. When I arrive at the 20 Area of corporate offices, my old classmate Chen Ming Tuan has just arrived, took a driving license on together to the police station, this time, the B-19806 was parked in front of the police station door, then the group says the vehicle insurance is in the car isn’t it? I rechecked and found that the stolen vehicle insurance was returned to its original position!

    6.  After seeing the driving license, the police station did not dare to claim that it was “stolen vehicle!”. However I was very angry, wasn’t the procedure for them reported missing after going to see the car that makes them entitled to the deduction?    066332- Police security officers were forced to flee to the second floor and typed on an A4 paper with nonsense claiming that: "... we have data, in year 2003 a foreign company reported that theirB-19806 vehicle stolen! "!

     I want them to give me a copy of the report, but they quite right not given for me, they wanted me to come back a few days later! At this point of time, they said that the car had to be transferred to the transport police station to pay the HKMA, because B-19806 has 3 single fine single payments due and the prosecution was not finished, but they themselves wanted me to pick up the car from yard 3 days later!

   7.  It was clear as shown above, that nonsense my car is a "stolen vehicle!" it was only a claim for him to stop my car and after temptation I must bound for to take back the car by self, that only have a chance to let Jiang ZM’s core troops to place a remote-controlled bomb in my car!    Therefore on 28 July 2014, I was to visited YanTian District Traffic Police Brigade and told them that I will not adventure to pick up the car to drive, if there is a bomb place, they must dismantle it in order to avoid the remote-controlled bomb to killing for another person!  To see:


 8.   On 30 July 2014, I went to the ShaTauKok Police Station requested for me the prove that allowed 066332-Police constable to distrain my B-19806 was say “stolen vehicle!” before five days.

 However they still insist on taking out the same piece of self-printed nonsense paper saying that on 2003year a foreign company reported of SheKou Town of ShenZhen City that their B-19806 vehicle was stolen!

     I again asked again for a copy, but the officer (on the right side of the photo) was to shirk on the following Monday!


     Thereafter, the YanTian Traffic Police brigade produced another reason for towing away my car,  but there have a videotape to witness, so this murder attempt to stop dreaming that can to get by under false pretences !



Jiang ZeMin was continue to steer court of HK for destroy international promised of “one country two system”  

 The proof are below:

1. FAMV 1 /2002;

2. FAMV 16/2004;

3. FAMV 10/2006;

4. FAMV 19/2006;

5. LDBM-220-2005;

6. CACV-332-2006

Jiang ZeMin’s favorite have a habit of using promotion as a bait for the judge to illegal-judge a huge sum action-fees to pillage lzm’s money!    Below:

1. A prank in the Lands  Tribunal

2. Court's war criminal in HK

3.The war criminal in Gov., of  HK

4.Crucify lzm’s bankruptcy case

TSANG Y-K's HKGov. order many department to be aimed at Lin Zhen Man by terroristic means, the facts below;

1. Use radiate of air waves to murder lzm, the police station did not to deal with!

Police MainPage

2. The police station same terrorist to support lzm’s a tenant not to pay the rental and catch lzm!

3. Gov. departments was to falsify document and suborn all land agent did not rent out lzm’s house!

4. Suborn by Jzm’s mandarin, the sad and shameless of Land-Registrar of HK in here “skill & extraordinary”…

Lawless disturbance for lzm by

HK Gov., department...

 Humiliating in annals now!

1. Pranks in Communications of

   HK Gov.,

2. Robbers in Intellectual

    Property Dept.,  of HK...

3. Unexpected take apart order

   for lzm’s house by Buildings


4. The apart order simultaneously to endanger neighbor property!

5. Ird & Bochks face lose for

HKMA too at risk

Anatomize of Jiang ZeMin’s politics of dominion (producing

Our company’s sad histories at Chinese invest! 

1. HengChang Ltd. to prosecute

 Jiang Zemin on 2007year!

2.Administer of Heng Chang Ltd to resist an official’s extort become a ruination on 1996year.

3.The sinister means by Shan Tou Jao Customs of ShenZhen City!  

4.Company of ShenZhen Gov., to hands-on loot begin 1998year!

5.Judge of DongGuan City Gov., to arrange loot begin 1999year!

6.Police, Procuratorate & Court of ShenZhen City unexpectedly to variety an rob accomplice?!
7.Jiang Zemin not thanks Lzm’s medicine invention to save SARS a national calamity in China, and why could be order to murder inventor?!

 9.   On 2 August 2014, I went to the ShaTauKok Police station again, the right of the 062,123 second-class Police officers Li Ji Gan disregarded: " ... we stopped your car because we found problems with this car .. ", I replied openly and said: " ... there is no problem with the car ... if you do not give (2003year report about the foreign company reporting that their B-19806 car was stolen) paper for me, because I would think that you might place a remote controlled bomb in the car, then temptation me to pick up the car…so I will to affirm your attempt…, again to see to this letter written on 2009 to ShaTauKok Police Station you will believe that they early wanted to kill me! " , he said: "anti-Party factionwhat do you have to say!" I asked: "What I how to anti-party and anti-faction?...,  Look at this letter I also make you save the party save the country ... " ... Lee Ji Gan finally read this letter ..., see the video here:


       The above shows, the ShenZhen Police made a very not rational stopped car means that purpose quite right wish to lure Lin Zhen Min to pick up his car by self, and let Jiang ZM’s core troops to aim to install a remote-controlled bomb, which is Zhang Dejiang ordered by Jiang ZM to Shenzhen to take measures murder Lin Zhen Min a farce or a prank!

        But the things were unfinished, Jiang ZM’s core troops in Shenzhen numerous troops, in ShaTauKok Police Station the second floor there is a network monitoring group also ordered the night for Lin Zhen Min computer IP surveillance early non-dense smell, so 062,123 Police officers Lee Ji Gan dare to face refers Lin Zhen Man is  “anti-Party and anti-communist” than murder inventor three .3 Seen KwunTong Report Room that DO / KT HK Police and finally to: "... why can you to indictment Jiang ZM?  You are mental ill and send you into a mental hospital for a check up ! I can not to look into a case! ", so after the HK Police Mr. DO / KT that outrageously arrogant, the ShenZhen Police that was "wise” yet!

     But Zhang Dejiang ordered by Jiang ZM to take measures murder Lin Zhen Min at ShenZhen that fail by above ShaTauKok Police, but they still not to weaken:  

      The next II.

       The right photo is believed to be a local 50-60 year-old residents with a local villain, he was often to going to Hong Kong illicitly worker! 

       Seewww.ycec.sg/jzm/140818.avi  Why he dared to roar in front of me saying: " ... beating you to death does not even have to go to prison! ... " , he was non-locals a Hong Kong people but in ShaTauKok of speaking Cantonese, why was he brave enough and so arrogant?

      Again to see the: www.ycec.sg/1304a.htm , because I, LZM at rooftops of WING HING IND.BLDG., that metal housing to “closed doors to prevent assault from Jiang!” must back and forth frequently from ShaTauKok Town of ShenZhen City, and after above the ShaTauKok Police (or not to know an inner secret) to install a remote-controlled bomb to fall through, then LZM bought a ticket and up to the bus, because a attendant just to check the passenger amount, so order by the driver, I was to stopped in waiting the position that still common, but sit in the front row of a unfamiliar man suddenly to howl for me and I must out of the bus instantly: “…even if to beat die for you, I also must not to be imprisoned…”!  


                Why? Why? Why?  That not to represent because then murder for me to fail again and again after, in ShaTauKok Town that Mafia-style organization also to mobilize in the dark by Jiang ZM’s core troops that was not to tolerate to argue speciously!

       The next III.

Because since Zhang Dejiang was by ordered go to Shenzhen to plot the murder without success after, how to create opportunity to approach LZM and hire killers to succeed in murdering became Jiang ZM’s core troops to plot of the top of the head that a great event!

      At the end of 2014year, by the plot, the ShaTauKok street office was coaching to go into action, and in the street, under the auspices of the 20 community manager requires filling all units agreed to install a gas pipe, an administrator did not agree with their consent fill Forms inform installed before the Spring Festival, due to the murder for me the three .6 that title of conspiracy of terrorist attacks clouds up for WING HING industrial building in Kwon Tong, Hong Kong but that has no door to enter, so find a excuse into LZM’s metal housing after terror-attack!that was distinctly in eye!   How can let them to send mixed installation of a gas pipe work killer to commit killing in house?  So then LZM at once to notify can not agree to install for the 20 community manager after, and sure enough within a few days, 20 community administrators have a bulletin to resident the gas pipe install will to change on Spring Festival after, but up to now that install same to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled!

        The next IV.

      Because above the plot-murder for me have no one success, but the Jiang ZM’s Gestapo in HongKong still around the corner abetting Government Departments to overstep one's authority to perform work! Therefore, as the Inland RevenueLand Registry, Water Supplies or environmental Protection etc. Departments who were nor clear the real situation but them not one can to get out of wheedle by Jiang ZM’s Gestapo to go into action…, so I must by this webpage to send out a warning, if the head of the government did not know to back then, their assist to murder that conviction by LZM to announced the world will to fix a another day! ...

  From Jiang ZM since 2014year of beginning of four month to personally attend to garrison duty at ShenZhen after, above the HK government departments have also been dispatched to make trouble but that had not one to succeed and then I must to part to sent a letter for the Commissioner of Police-commissioner, Police-director, Security Bureau director and Chief Executive C.Y. Leung to complaint on July 12, 2014 after, the NPC chairman Zhang Dejiang was order by Jiang ZM and to fly sits at Shenzhen on July 12, 2014, at the TV, then the NPC chairman was urgent to beckon Zhang Xiaoming of Center-Liaison officer with C.Y. Leung after, the HK Police-director the last in reply my letter on Aug. 25, 2015, but he was to make use of an opportunity to declare that because North Point Division was to abuse Police-Power and further to instigate by a policeman to forge because I was attack my tenant after illegal arrest me that to complain in CAPOH09001628 case of the Commissioner of Police-commissioner on 2009year that case was all right so conclude on the time!  

The details of CAPOH09001628 case to see at:     www.ycec.sg/HK-Police/09026607.htm 

   The Tsang Wei_Xiong was to take up the post of the Commissioner of Police Deputy Director of Management since 2008year and Police-director of Hong Kong on June 28, 2012, therefore, this planned murder for me at Wing Hing Ind. Bldg., 14 Hing Yip St., Kwun Tong, Kln. HK that refused to report a case by KWUN TONG police that backstage command by the ex- Police-director Mr. Tsang that responsibility has been difficult to shirk!

     In addition as the Inland RevenueWater Supplies or Environmental Protection has reasonable to quit, but to support the Land Registry for rob my Building Property of the Secretary for Development Mr. Paul Chan Mo-po, for to support the Buildings Department to illegal tear down my container room, so falsify law of the Justice of HK and to repeat a failure 2009year Fascism old way that KWUN TONG police all the violate discipline in quick succession come to for me, therefore, I cannot help but and I must to announcement at here:

.  土地註冊處 長周淑貞違紀亂法


        江核心在港人馬仍繼續蠢蠢欲動於20149月也向96年移民後轉租的英皇道新威園大廈單位打主意 ,由於該單位已經轉名到本人在新加坡兒子林恒傑名下, 但江核心在新加阪人馬見 謀殺一. 主頁.5.通過派送的"女朋友" 要求香港網購向lzm派送郵包炸單失敗後就又緊急起動教唆林恒傑偷賣樓,而舊租客也剛於20143月才新簽租約,怎麼辦?

      江核心在港人馬就毫不憂慮地叫租客馬生不要2個月按金於20149月要求搬出,此後就有大批地產代理借租樓暗中帶買樓者睇樓曝光,因江核心在港人馬什麼手段都有輪不到我兒說不,為此,為防止意外,本人馬上於 2014.9.23到土地註冊處 將新威園E601轉名在自已名下,依土地註冊處 規則 如不獲通知將於30天后正式生效! 

            此時,江核心在港人馬絞盡腦汁直到2014.12.12才叫得動土地註冊處 長發信歪著嘴巴瞎說兒子林恒傑的授權書只是一份 "聲明"並在註冊表項中將"授權書"竄改成 "聲明"土地註冊處 長周淑貞傑作如下:






     一般的授權書只要兩人或由一律師見證即可合乎31章授權書條例要求,而此授權書更由民政司署宣誓組律師見證並以宣誓證明為真確無訛更進一步使授權書規格在法律層次上更高不可否認!在爭議之初,本人還向土地註冊處 長周淑貞出示此規格授權書早受法庭認應用實例,以及早幾年也有在土地註冊處 註冊記錄,但周淑貞仍執迷不悟,本人還告知她的代表黃佩璿女士轉告,91年起江澤民就派人跟蹤密謀本人世上獨一無二最先進電子零件機器卒於99年前搶劫回老家關閉法院大門吐不出來才要不惜殺多少人都要繼續隱暪本人拯救SARS國難危機的醫學發明深怕名揚國際後無法交代,更多年來謀殺不成,想借周淑貞歪著嘴巴胡說此授權書無效要本人兒子回港乘機教唆兒子偷賣樓,然後就會當我兒之面刺殺本人再嫁禍我兒恒傑,正如古王朝太監教 太子謀殺父下不了手再由太監出手古典手段也密謀中再替江澤民撒謊欺騙天下!但與周淑貞代表黃佩璿對話中她問只擔心因隱暪被害的死者家屬將來會否成立協會即 只怕死者家屬找她算賬!

          周淑貞如何被壓迫連陳茂波也敢如此冒天下之大不韙暫無從得知, 本人也因此於2015.9.09去信告知周淑貞本人重大損失已達港幣374.5 ,且每月將增加港幣66.5 萬經濟損失!

           也即江澤民派人跟蹤密謀搶劫本人血汘工廠花足近8年,而周淑 貞陳茂波就企圖以此 歪嘴巴瞎說 一翻就可輕昜搶劫本人在港物業並營造謀殺環境也太無知將來不被死者家屬報復也將天理不公! 請及時回頭!

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1 發信給 發展局長陳茂波   2015.7.30 2 發展局長 認收 2015.8.10


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. 屋宇署建築事務監督出馬發出


          從謀殺本發明人之 www.ycec.com/Jzm/murder.htm .3. 可見, 買通裝修佬 于西環屈地街金陵大廈一單位恐怖襲擊本人失敗後江核心在港人馬又立即教唆 官塘區的地產代理不停來電稱有人租官塘興業街天臺,誘惑本人動手裝修,見.6. 國際隱瞞lzm醫學發明因泰國紅衫軍失敗即將破曉 江核心主腦 又如坐針毯,將沒有恐怖襲擊的裝修公司趕走,本人無奈的報案,但官塘報案室DO/KT 警員以本人“…你告咩嘢江澤民啊,你都神經病的送你入精神病院啦,唔查啦!”拒絕報案 導致本人要閉門造屋無門可入,就指示水務署出令大廈管理處以修換水喉為名欲派殺手,但早在本人預料中不予接觸外,水務署也知 不合理而退,此時,江核心惱羞成怒地叫在港人馬命屋宇署建築事務監督出馬發出天臺貨櫃屋之拆除令!

           由於法律早就規定,如官塘興業街14號永興工業大廈13/F., C-4天臺屋早就30年前搭蓋就不屬"僭建物",即在在有業權又要交納差餉管理費自已的土地上且又不與大廈鋼筋鐵骨連結依據大廈公契放一個大貨櫃而已,而且2012年立法加入了《建築物條例》14AA條將《建築物條例》182(a)就早有規定更進一步使小型工程監管制度」簡化納入,即[小型工程不需批准及同意]且由屋宇署"僭建物"的介定可見,本天臺貨櫃屋並非在沒有主權的天臺才叫"僭建物"!因此,在當時,2012年當14AA條公佈實施後,如引起新界爭取將新界屋宇僭建物合法化也要納入第14AA條,更由於《建築物條例》39c1)(a)『某訂明建築物或建築工程於20101231日前完成或進行不在第241)條所賦予的權力規定仍在,但如14AA條將第182(a)簡化納入, 屋宇署根據241)條發出的拆除令就沒得狡辯 本天臺非 "訂明建築物或建築工程",於是,正如 致函上訴審裁小組所指出的,若將14AA竄改為:“笫141)條並不就根據簡化規定的小型工程而適用。”而不見具體不需批准及同意內容,那你將如何與屋宇署爭辯,因此,屋宇署只好歪下心腸勾結或架空律政司長袁國強竄改法律公開誘騙上訴審裁小組胡判 !

屋宇署, 上訴審裁小組的書信來往實錄




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上訴審裁小組   回復  認收 及 通知






上訴審裁小組  又批凖延期  2015.7.26



致函  上訴審裁小組









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 建築監督-申請延期至   2014.9.25  






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上訴審裁小組   回復  認收 及 通知



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 回復屋宇署拆除令  order-1   order-2


 . 律政司 竄改官網法律條文

     1律政司長投訴  回复 回复  駁回  回复;   

       2.   梁家傑議員投訴   .....竟無下文!

       3 致立法會曾鈺成主席 投訴信 答复; 驳回

    4.  致政務司長林鄭月娥 投訴信 答復認收  



      駐港辦張曉明首先於2015.9.12提出 "特首地位超然三權之上" 言論馬上引起全港議論嘩華! 之後,"特首超然三權論" 繼續發酵,2015.9.16報導指梁振英對傳媒表示,特首地位"確實是超然"! 

  最後,陳佐洱2015.9.20 "香港無依法去殖民化致內耗 壓垮全港議論嘩華,還見港府有人到處找 香港還有多少 殖民化 遺跡未去? 2015.10.10 TV 所見, 英皇道上才有近60個英皇室標誌郵筒推出臺面討論,本紅色已改綠色,算不算 古跡?或殖民化末除?導致內耗什麼呢,陳佐洱在胡鬧什麼呢?   其背後必有陰謀



     屋宇署歪下心腸勾結或架空律政司長袁國強竄改法律的背後若沒由港澳辦主管張德江不獲習近平同意如前述于受江澤民命于於2014719日急飛深圳招見了特首梁振英....., 中聯辦張曉明主任為香港深圳 兩地為謀殺本人押陣在後指揮! 否則,陳佐洱,中聯辦張曉明又豈敢如此胡言亂語但戓許他們也不知道去殖民化幕後陰謀何在:

       幕後陰謀自有人向港府暗喻 你看我們祖國,林哲民本該把最先進設備獻給"祖國",還浪費了我整整8年才搞掂,但他還有資產在港,老是發表公開信,你看我多難堪,我們"祖國"多沒面子啊?!  周淑 貞 陳茂波不也一歪歪嘴就可否認他的授權書,他的房產不也快完了嗎?   還不叫袁國強改改網上法規,才好讓上訴審裁小組批准屋宇署拆了他的天臺臥龍山莊免得"內耗"對不對!


1. 架空律政司長其恥無比地竄改官網法律;



    林鄭月娥於收到投訴信後立即釆取行動,但從上訴審裁小組向林哲民的通知 2015.11.16中午傳真她已知力阻竄改官網法律誘林哲民回港入北角警署張開的虎口無功,右圖 2015.11.16TV 新聞上林鄭月娥的憤怒可見與有高原則個性的陳方安生將不分伯仲, 而上訴審裁主席黃苑桁女士在收到回復後也不再糊塗凸顯決非愚魯一群遺臭入冊可喜!


        但反觀立法會曾鈺成這大男人, 仼何的法律條文的修改均經立法會三讀通過, 面對律政司竄改官網法律此等鼠輩行為實際第一巴掌就刮在立法會主席曾鈺成這大男人臉上, 但當林哲民致電他的秘書多次也只是說曾鈺成看過投訴信,直到2個月後才交給立法會秘書長回復學足袁國強律政司長耍無賴問東扯西,更不用說向梁家傑大狀議員 投訴如沉大海; 這位大狀同樣面對律政司竄改官網法律競也可等閒視之令香港的法治基礎無存

    另反觀向律政司長投訴回復,但當袁國強看到lzm回駁的嚴重性即於當晩9點後凰鳳TV新聞所見將隔天2年後才可完工冇咩好談判的高鐵兩地一檢飛北京多天,其後又在21日上TV左右言他困境尚在, 背後來自江中央"指示"又冇面講到明咁款, 但如此荒謬絕倫的竄改官網法律 條文的歷史黑鍋還是要你袁國強與立法會同背現謹此提醒!

.  北角警署在監警會的袒護下如2009年教唆租客報假案


Below the  or htm  at ycec.com temporary can’t to open it may turn to ycec.sg 

         江澤民企圖利用牙醫突擊打針謀殺林哲民始於20093月深圳沙頭角, 詳情: www.ycec.com/Jzm/murder.htm .1.

    江澤民的在港蓋世太保又20095月教唆林哲民英皇道新威園租客不交租搞事, 卒于2009.10.16利用北角警署人馬教唆租客報假案非法拘捕林哲民, 詳情見: www.ycec.com/HK-Police/09026607.htm


     江澤民企圖謀殺林哲民自2013起又在香港狂瘋起動, 直至20155月到達高潮, 只因林哲民吉人天相且有貴人暗中相助,有驚無險! 因此, 最毒辣的2招出動了:

    其一, 因官塘永興工廈lzm的天臺屋 內外閉路TV監控完善又閉門造屋, lzm有時會在那裏過夜,但鄰居C-9單位一大班年青人俱樂部由傍夜晚到天亮熱鬧少有冷場, 江澤民 的蓋世太保引爆小炸彈邪念, 只好逼該青人俱樂部於2015.10.1前撤租, 何以見得? 因江核心斷不會如此直接下令, 只會閃閃眼如以2015.9.30廣西柳城郵包連環爆炸暗而示之, 結果lzm就此不留港過夜...;

     其二, 教唆新威園工銀亞州租客以租約是他老婆代簽不認帳不交租起事,欲再次啟動北角警署教唆報假案如2009年手泫非法拘捕林哲民也於20155月開始, 但在當時, 林哲民立即告知工銀亞州租客要將承租時錄影帶公開找他老闆論理後就馬上叫他老婆回電交租了事, 但在201510月初又舊病復發拒交租, 但當林哲民2015.10.05前往英皇道989E601依租約規定拴水喉再前往工銀亞州30樓面倠交租時就發現該租客已升職且惡臉相向...就知江澤民的蓋世太保已搞掂工銀亞州總裁...; 也從該租客得意地緊盯林哲民看有何反應講: "...你在電話中性性騷擾我老婆,有錄音,我報案啊!", 明顯的, 林哲民本性優良人盡皆知,就算她老婆是美女如天仙也不會動心,更何況自出租後從沒電話過,5月時不交租時也只有去電李仲賢他後才收到他老婆來電推說忘了交租, 何來有錄音但最明顯不夠的是,江澤民 的蓋世太保有的是竅聽林哲民的錄音並已通過剪輯並湊再錄音找個音質差不多的人替代也冇咩難度! 

     也就在2015.10.05拴水喉當晚7點左右, 李仲賢老婆拿著張已在櫃銀機入票租金收據報案要求北角警方打開拴水喉鏈鎖轉由警方人員告知,林哲民只答應隔日回新威園開鎖, 但管理處告知前晚已由警方打開也罷, 也就在6日當晚5點後, 北角警方CID2隊才來電告知租客要開拴水喉鏈鎖報案要林哲民回北角警署落口供, 林哲民質問依租約鎖水侯仍民事非刑事無須落口供, CID2隊恐赫若不回就發出拘捕令...,林哲民只得告知: "你务必告知是何刑事案!"及后又作传真!

     江澤民更毒辣的教唆"強姦"假證還可能會隨之而來也將不在話下 江澤民蓋世太保 給于該租客的好處必然還有: "你噈長期霸著層樓住唔使交租都冇問題!", 這就是江澤民逆天而行, 霧霾 因此聚京不散!

        當該租客被徹底買下為北角警署所用重啟2009年拘捕林哲民 已不可貭疑, 因此,為讓北角警方重演2009CAPOH09001628一案濫用職權』非法羈留林哲民恐怖一幕更何況如www.ycec.com/Jzm/murder.htm .3.

      2014.7.11官塘警署報案室拒絕收取恐怖襲擊林哲民恐怖襲擊錄影帶時, DO/KT 警員最後乾脆說: “…你告咩嘢江澤民啊,你都神經病的送你入精神病院啦,唔查啦!”可見還得哄騙警方一眾骨幹,!    因此, 江澤民蓋世太保的安排下, 保安局長帶大批警隊骨幹於2015.10.10集體飛往北京接受這"右宰相"張德江接待風光 並對有關骨幹暗中封官許願也就 "順理成章"






1. 致監警會郭琳廣主席投訴信; 答復 駁回   答復  回駁

2. 致盧偉聰警務處長 投訴信;

3. 保安局長黎棟國 投訴信; 答復有限度跟進   投訴信  答復   2016.1.04投訴信 答復 2016.2.25投訴信

4致警科投訴科 投訴信; 再投訴信;   答復; 答復;  再投訴信;  答復;    再投訴信;

a.  2015.11.04與投訴科陳警長通話錄音   2016.1.15答復; 再投訴信 及2016.1.27再沈鵬警長通話錄音  後才見投訴科答復

b.  2016.1.2956881警號邱女警長通am11, am12 兩次通話;

c.  2016.2.01 pm0226, pm0447 兩次,春節後失蹤; 2016.2.113321陳警長;     

d.  2016.2.116943伍女警員; 投訴科答復  2016.2.15沈鵬警長通話; 2016.2.15警長通話, 斷線再通話

e. 邱女警長對話錄音展示的信口咿嗚雌黃絕技了得奪冠在先,但又被2062徐警長冠冕堂皇的“郵遞需時”取而代之

     最後, 160225pm14:52160225pm15:02兩段錄音,投訴科第四隊的上司終於出現了: "...特首辦亦冇權力干涉投訴科或者警隊去調查你嗰個案件的進度同咪方針;" 難怪,特首及特首辦的努力老是被泡湯, 現已一清二楚!


        其後,在投訴科警長 不可推禦責任的壓力下, 北角警署於2016.3.10日才被迫傳真承認在2015.10.05日收到一宗 "騷擾"租客案件, 並承認證據不足以起訴任何人!   北角警署為何可如此"把炮" 敢膽明知認定林哲民"騷擾"租客為刑事案?見再投訴信, 有往下回分解!

       現回看特首下令為何冇人理, 更儘管如特首的回復也一再表明已抄送監警會其負責人將會另行回復, 但監警會也如同空設!

       如下右图1.的監警會郭琳廣主席以安排在2016.3.26接受访问将责任推给前仼主席及所谓的"深层次矛盾", 且還不反省警方為先開槍引旺角“爆亂”?「黑警」頒獎!

      "封官许愿" 从来就是江核心黑手伸入警隊暗中操控警隊手法之一, 明显的,保安局長帶大批警隊骨幹於2015.10.10集體飛往北京接受這"右宰相"張德江接待風光必有郭琳廣在场, 北角及官塘警署署長也必然在场!

 因此,有監警會郭琳廣明显正处架空特首的追究权先锋,才会导致投訴科第四隊的上司公开顶撞特首"借口无权干涉调查" 放仼北角警署明目张胆地再次非法教唆林哲民在英皇道旧宅租客报假案滥权恐嚇发出拘捕令!  

        而在2016.4.08立法會會議上,陳偉業議員指警隊質素惡化、濫用職權如「黑警」,黎棟國回應時表示,絕對不同意用「黑警」來形容警隊, 但黎棟國並沒解释为何警方開槍在先引致围观市愤恕狂砸磚頭的"暴亂" 

      同樣的,這與李波事件沒兩樣,新聞所見之李波與被ISIS屠殺前下跪的人貭根本沒差別!  李波事件已可被江核心在港黑手用來恐嚇香港官員如不聽話將會隨時綁架偷渡回大陸....

     也因此, 監警會郭琳廣不得以所謂的"深層次矛盾"推禦「黑警」責仼讓特首承擔歷史責仼!


     有史可查, 春節期間在旺角女人街均會開放多幾條街讓小販擺賣早為香港春節特色, 但為何食環署會突然封街並報案讓警方出動並先開槍?這顯然有江核心黑手在從中預謀製造香港六四,並欲借此 "頒獎"順手將包括接受這"右宰相"張德江風光接待的江核心在港黑手發展的人馬官升一職以築建員警國家基礎...



5. 致梁振英特首 投訴信 答復認收;  投訴信   答復認收   投訴信  認收後有限度跟進   2016.1.14投訴信 認收跟進

                   投訴信  答復  投訴信  答復 投訴信  2016.3.02答復   投訴信 答復    

     儘管謀殺深圳市長許宗 衡起因及手段 林哲民早已告知保安局長,監警會特首, 但只見保安局長及特首只回復只同一下令適當跟進!    2015.12.23, 梁振英特首剛在中南海向習近平李克強述職, 習近平稱香港一國兩制實踐出現了一些新情況,強調要確保一國兩制不走樣!

     如再適當跟進, 香港將正式步入法西斯員警國家何來一國兩制, 大家試目以待!

        由於謀殺lzm老是令老江大失所望,江核心再次叫張德江出面香港展示 "右丞相" 之威風以壓陣,並準備為『香港主要官員屆時可能會直接向人大委員長提交工作報告』即公開為架空香港特首破壞一國兩制逼各級官員為謀殺lzm列陣,lzm起草給張德江半公開信即經傳真由中聯辦轉,可下載自:

www.ycec.com/HK/160517hk.pdf  或由立法會秘書長转之 www.ycec.com/HK/160518b.pdf


         2016517日,上述給張德江信中提及的曾慶紅就因他主管港澳工作成為林哲民20071012日在深圳中院起訴江澤民一案之第一被告,請求事項為務必要解除共和國隱瞞及侵權偷用林哲民拯救中港SARS國難的醫學發明,其後,見有報導,深明大意的港澳辦領導人曾慶紅已將文件發送到省級準備開庭並直言:“人家外資廠有此權力!, 但剛足67歲的曾慶紅很快就被江澤民指令靠邊站,中共政治局常委67歲上68歲下就此開始!


       盧偉聰警務處長 因此回信林哲民表歉意:



Below the  or htm  at ycec.com temporary can’t to open it may turn to ycec.sg 


         林哲民在给監警會 信中指:

       ...早在2006927日,當本人去信前深圳市長許宗衡投訴敝恒昌公司在東莞及深圳兩市的資產被法院非法拍賣案件的申訴後,許宗衡批凖沙頭角田心社區趙福義警長接受文件介入調查後不久便被以接受行賄為名被起訴入獄,此後就有圍著本人的一江系人馬化名在QQ上告知許宗衡在獄中以筷子自插喉嚨自殺 筷子自插喉嚨只會疼痛最多昏迷 少有可達自殺目的無人不知,許宗衡市長顯然被江系人馬數人按下被筷子插喉嚨死亡,這就是江核心人馬手段,...!

          事實正如此, 經檢索剪下右圖見證, 2014.12.02的報導指前深圳許宗衡市長在獄中公開舉報了現任政治局常委張高麗, 但不見舉報日期公開! 


     但另有2009.6.10報導 "許宗衡自殺未遂或將爆出更多涉案官員"為標, 但從內文 "許氏夫婦上周被帶走"可見許宗衡有這麼快就"自殺未遂"? 明顯的,這報導只為刺殺許宗衡後的心虛假作企圖分散公眾關注 又見2011.12.27報導指什麼"20億元貪污" 及更有 "消息人士指出,在拘留初期,許宗衡一直不願供出罪狀,甚至以筷子插喉企圖自殺。" 如是云云, 這消息人士顯然非江核心的蓋世太保無他

     因此,2014.4.10 "許宗衡死了嗎_百度知道"直接了當: "許宗衡死不死,要看牽涉了什麼人,要不要滅口...我等小民就不用猜了"!  就因許宗衡掌握了張高麗江澤民動用了深圳及東莞兩市公檢法將林哲民血汗工廠搶劫回他老家楊州威幕後人的鐵證如山,可點擊江澤民頭像, 林哲民只好於2007.10.12 日向深圳市中院遞狀共226頁起訴, 更多搶劫手法點擊張高麗頭像可見!

     許宗衡因此要在被誣告後在獄中也死不認帳並公開舉報張高麗,江澤民就以入獄看望為名,敢死隊2人力壓架許宗衡另一敢死隊以筷子插喉至死, 筷子自插喉嚨少有可達自殺目的無人不知, 江核心的蓋世太保只得如上述通過媒體吞吐做些無糎頭報導!


       就在習近平被天津大爆炸震裂(見下之後, 江辦勢力就趁此安排駐港辦張曉明2015.9.12提出 "特首地位超然三權之上" 言論首先出場, 最後,陳佐洱2015.9.20 "香港無依法去殖民化內耗...做指引:

       即是說: "林哲民起訴江澤民, 我們 "偉大的祖國"都可關閉中院大門, 就你香港還沒依法去殖民化”, 江澤民就是我們帝皇, 都給你"特首地位超然三權之上" , 還不叫袁國強刪除《建築物條例》第14AA條才好讓上訴審裁批凖建築事務監督拆林哲民的天臺屋!".

       因此,袁國強顯然在"特首地位超然三權之上" 如幽靈活影活現之下將《建築物條例》並無第14AA條刪除從上與屋宇署,上訴審裁小組的書信來往實錄》可見, 建築事務監督 答辯 正是 竄改官網法律 後才敢膽答辯5 "大言無愧地"地指出: "《建築物條例》並無第14AA(2)(a), 對此建築事務監督沒法回應."!  

       在國際上, 江核心要繼續隱瞞林哲民的醫學發明的罪惡已隨著 www.ycec.com/UN/151021-hk.htm 公開信的發表已進入了歷史的死胡同, 奧巴馬明知PCT/SG2003/00145的“洗肺”醫療法不可取代,但已受賄江澤民集團為隱瞞只得撒謊ZMapp早已成為歷史笑話, WHO陳馮富珍這畜生傻婆與USCDCMeltzer合作偽造所謂埃博拉病毒疫苗rVSV-EBOV百分之百在幾內亞試驗成功, 也因此在 谷歌檢索自此不見天日!

       面對如此羞醜無地自容景地, 江核心惱羞成怒要袁國強律政司竄改官網法律 外又另生毒計安排保安局長帶大批警隊骨幹於2015.10.10集體飛往北京接受這 "右宰相" 張德江接待風光一下!而暗中目地就要北角警署 重新出馬 找藉口濫用職權』非法羈留林哲民


       張曉明於2015.9.12提出 "特首地位超然三權之上"  以及陳佐洱2015.9.20 "香港無依法去殖民化"內耗" 突顯來自 "中央密令"已唔使問阿貴!

    起因點擊主頁江綿恒頭像13.- 江澤民發明人逆天而行始於2009, 上天因此震怒, 北京霧霾也始於2009百度早知; 其後又密集露骨地始於2011年起不停密謀步伐...全在上天眼中因此再度震怒2013北京霧霾升級, 但江澤民父子並不知收手!

   201382收買裝修佬在屈地街金陵大廈一單位恐怖襲擊林哲民失手後又加緊在官塘永興工業大廈天臺密謀, 但被林哲民閉門造屋破解!



  長賴總理之位以利不予林哲民泰國專利無望潰不成軍,江澤民 在4月初氣急敗壞地南下深圳督戰:

        江澤民的蓋世太保首先 密令建築監督 於2014.5.21發出拆除令 如上 order-1, order-2

       其後又欲借水務署換水管通知欲破林哲民閉門造屋之局強闖 入屋借機發劫恐怖襲擊也一一被識破無功, 另見港島東區水務署也濫權於2014.8.08通知要業主回新威園找有牌水電工更換水錶前後 "滲水"水喉,但當林哲民回到新威園找陳文健的管理組長時就被粗暴阻止聘請有牌水電工不可、正如水務署通知一樣配合無間, 那即是江澤民的蓋世太保刺客已隱身有牌水電工身份隨時出動如2014.6.11教唆官塘興業街永興工廈管理處藉口更換消防水管欲強行進入林哲民的天臺屋謀殺其手段如出一轍,當林哲民回復後東區水務署也知難而退,其後立見江澤民怒叫他的蓋世太保向訴申專員公署以執行"滲水條例"不力投訴,如該官員被冤謹請碗轉告知即可比聘大狀有效,因邪終不能勝正!


. 為在國內外隱瞄林哲民拯救SARS國難永世不可取代的洗肺醫療法

首先並買起ISIS全球恐襲, 並也製造天津及泰國大曝炸...,

       見左圖1., 江澤民為國際隱瞞逆天而行, 首先起於買起ISIS2015.1.07日恐襲巴黎《查理週刊》配合奧巴馬說奧朗德於201525TV面前指岀法國已在幾內亞首次進行的疫苗臨床試驗才罷手!


     見左圖2. ,   當牛津大學的彼得博士於2015.6.19證明TKM-Ebola對病人沒有效果後, IS組織又接受指示立即襲擊突尼斯酒店殺死了30多英國人報復, 以及英國《柳葉刀》醫學期刊也要July 31,2015出版被迫承認rVSV-EBOV疫苗100%在幾內亞試驗成功以對抗林哲民的發明!

    見左圖3. ,  在國內, 2013.10.28在北京以汽車故意沖撞人群, 2014.3.01昆明火車站以及2014.5.06廣州火車站見人就砍的恐襲均為敢死隊所為均不能阻止習近平與基辛格協議9月底訪美共同


承認林哲民的醫學發明, 在此國際隱瞞的 即將破解之前, 天津超小熱核大爆炸於2015.8.12發生了, 此超小熱核輻射炸彈之威力圖中可見且非中國製造能力之內分分鐘為奧巴馬提供由貨櫃入口, 習近平破不了案又危在旦夕只得"聽話"少管江澤民 立志要隱瞞之"閒事"!

     左圖4-5. ,  2015.8.17晚泰國曼谷四面佛前發生爆炸事件,同樣沒有公開的目的要求,且從當鳳凰衛視泰國的即時新聞採訪所見,由紅衫軍人員早知爆炸事件安排, 泰國紅衫軍由江澤民眷養在媒體及政界無人不知, 點擊泰王頭像有更多詳情,泰國爆炸已給現總理多一 "理由"阻止泰專利局, 結果, 泰國批予林哲民洗肺醫療法專利只得又暫停!

     左圖6. ,   2015.11.13日晚9時左右,ISIS對巴黎多個地點發生爆炸和槍擊事件確認的死亡人數130,同樣沒有公開的目的要求,明顯又是被利用為幕後不同權勢的角力用途, 但法國總統奧朗德立即出兵打擊ISIS2015.1.07日恐襲巴黎《查理週刊》兩樣並東奔西跑呼籲成立國際反恐聯盟似乎令ISIS認為被教唆上當馬上4中國人與募後金主討價論價, 更多詳情見: www.ycec.com/Jzm/MH370_Charlie-Weekly.htm

     逆天而行霧霾聚京不散, 仼何違法亂紀令香港走上法西斯警 察國家之道也將終須必有一報, 謹此公告各方!






整理 中


            現恭請中央紀委應儘早介入..., 中國的腐敗根源就在此!




        及進  www.ycec.com 點擊 14.   第三次世界大戰之 馬航370 查理週刊事件



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